Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just a quick update, I will post pictures from Evan's party later. I know there are some family members out there that will appreciate the pictures.

Our Friday at home has now been replaced by a Sunday at the hospital. It never quite works out. Ally's blood draw from Friday proved that her hemoglobin was too low (7.7) and so the home health nurse paged the doctor. He didn't want to wait until Monday when the clinic reopens, as that number is the lowest I have seen. He said we were okay as far as symptoms go until it drops below 7 (but it is pretty close). So Ally will be spending her Sunday on the fourth floor of Children's getting a blood tranfusion. The chemo regimen that she is on now is causing the low blood counts. Her ANC continues to be good (840) which means that she is allowed to continue going to public places this week. I guess we will be able to get those school supplies.

Normally I would not mind this too much, but I am sad because today is Evan's birthday and I wanted us to be able to do something fun together as a family. Instead I am planning on taking E and C to church with me, as it is also my Dad's birthday today and I think he wanted us all at church together. Then the three of us will travel down to the hospital to visit Ally for a bit. We have to keep marching forward in our battle against this does not know or care whether there is a birthday or not. Evan had a great birthday party last night though...and you will see it in the pictures. As he was going to bed last night Evan said that it was the best day of his life. And I think he was right.


  1. Glad to hear Evan had such a great day, truly amazing when you think of the circumstances! Just another reminder to you and Jerad of the great job you are doing with your other children while walking Ally through her care. That LIVESTRONG was too cool too, Jerad, way to go! We are praying that today goes well for Ally.

  2. Oh Janel... I can't even find the right words. I was just thinking as I logged on that you might not have posted because you had such a big day yesterday and sometimes the Sunday posts come later - which I always think is WONDERFUL because it meant you were having a good weekend. You are all in my thoughts - always - but especially today as you navigate through helping Ally get through her hospital stay, making it a special day for Evan and honoring your dad's day too. They say that God only gives us what we can handle - sometimes I question whether or not that is true. I KNOW that you can handle today - look how far you have all come. You WILL make it and today will be a part of your journey. TAKE CARE. Sheri Cobler

  3. Sending happy thoughts and blessings your way. Thank God Evan's party has already taken place and church with the family can still take place. The other good news? Ally is back to herself more than she has been before. Looking for that silver lining . . . Bless you!


  4. Sad to hear little Ally spent the weekend in the hospital. We're praying for all of you. And especially Evan today!

  5. Great job Evan!!!!! Sorry for the big bump in the road, those crappy diseases never care what day it is. But you are taking advantage of everyday you can. Keep up the good work--Happy Birthday also to Grandpa Mills. Think of you often