Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, Monday

It has been a rather quiet day around here today. We did manage to get out to Target and buy both of the kids school supplies. That was Ally's first trip to Target since mid May! It was a treat. While we were there, we had three people come up to us and tell us they knew who we were, even though we didn't know who they were. I guess it is pretty easy to tell by looking at Ally, plus she had a big bandage on her port that was partially exposed. We don't live in that small of a town (40,000 people actually) but it is amazing how everybody is a friend of a friend and so many know Ally's story.

The nurse came out and gave the fourth of four chemo treatments and then took the catheter out of her port. This meant one thing to Ally: she could go swimming! She had been wanting to all weekend, but couldn't because she was accessed. We waved goodbye to the nurse and started to eat lunch when CRASH the lightning and thunder started. We still managed to go up for a little bit later on, and swam amongst the rain drops. The good thing one was at the pool! This makes Ally much more comfortable about getting in. This is really only the second time all summer that she actually put her googles on and went underwater. Thankfully Mrs Booher and Mrs Winger stayed up there with her (and Evan) and let them go ahead and swim while I took Miss Carly home for her nap. This is great because our swimming days are numbered. One more week until school starts. And Evan, Carly, and I are travelling to Erie Pennsylvania on Thursday to see my grandparents and aunts/uncles. My sister, her oldest boy, and my Dad are also going with us. I am a bit worried about doing it without Jerad (2 nights in a hotel + a five hour car ride), but my whole idea of what is hard and what is not has changed. Leukemia can do that to you. The things that used to be so stressful, so hard, so much planning, etc....not so much anymore. Hopefully I will get to update you while I am there, but it may be a good time for another guest post by Jerad.

So just keep thinking positive thoughts about our Ally. And pray that she starts school and fits right in just like any other second grader. We do have a stressful time coming up with the start of school, but God has led us out of those darkest hours and I think we might actually be ready.


  1. Every evening before I go to be I return to your blog and hold my breath as I read whether or not today was another good day. God has blessed you with so many lately. I believe Ally is getting better, I really do. Praise HIM!

    Here is to school starting. Ally will be GREAT!


  2. I'm actually not a very religious person, but all I can think of to day after your post today is "Amen." Hang in there Janel. Try to enjoy your trip, and know that as the next chapter of school starts and the big test, we are all pulling for you.

  3. Just like Amanda, the Queen Bee, my nighttime ritual is to check and see how Ally's and your day has been. Then my prayers can thank God for a good day and ask for another one. I'm envious of your trip to Erie and so glad you are getting to go. What a normal thing to do before school starts. I know you are really worried about Ally going back to school. After 35 years of teaching, I can tell you children can be so comforting and helpful when they are prepared. They already know and love Ally for who she is. She is comfortable with her appearance so don't worry. When I look at the pictures, I see a beautiful little girl with the confidence from a loving family - she'll be fine. Have a safe trip to Erie.