Monday, August 10, 2009

Light the Night is rolling....

In a little under 24 hours we now have 40 people that have signed up to do the Light the Night Walk on October 1 . What an awesome start. I know there are more walkers out there that have not yet signed up, so our number will grow. By signing up you actually help me logistically so that they can plan for our number of balloons needed, etc. For large groups, they like to pre-register everyone and make it easier on the night of the walk. I already warned them that I thought we could have a hundred people show up for our little girl.

Again, here is the spot to sign up:

Also, it is pretty easy to do the online fundraising too. I saw a few people did it today...they just emailed it out to family, etc. There is also a little Light the Night button that you can put on your facebook page or your blog or your company's website that links in to our donation webpage. Thank you so much to our friends the Whitmers. They made a donation of $500 and then evenly allocated that out to each person that was signed up to walk at that time. So a bunch of you will see $13.15 on your personal fundraising page which was donated by the Whitmers but spread amongst all the walkers. A good start for everyone! Thank you so much for that generous donation. The Whitmers are friends of my parents (and me) and also lost their teenage son to cancer just a little over a year ago. I watched them through their suffering and never understood how they had such strength to go through it. Now I understand...although just a little.

Ally had her last dose of the ARA-C this morning at home. (via a home health nurse) She had four doses in four days. As far as side effects, she seems to be a little more lethargic, but not terrible. She pulled her bandage off herself (she always does) and then the nurse removed the catheter from her port. This usually results in about 20 minutes of crying, but today she pulled it off and had very little tears. Last month when she got ARA-C she ended up with a cough. I don't know if it is coincidence or not, but she has started with a cough again! So hopefully that doesn't last for us. The schedule for this week is a little unique...we actually don't have go to the hospital on Friday. YAAAAAAAAY. She does have to get re-accessed and start another four day course of ARA-C but they are doing it all via Children's Home Health. So we can stay home this week. Everyone is happier about that.

And by the way, Ally is eating a little better than before now too. Not great, but at least a little something at every mealtime. The poor little girl needs a whole new wardrobe as all her clothes are too big for her now. She is down 12 pounds.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers. We need them.


  1. Okay, let's start the fundraising on my site today! Please let your readers know that each necklace purchased will send $10 directly to Ally's Light the Night Walk. All they have to do is mention Ally's sweet name and the donation will be made. Let's get rolling!

    Queen Bee Designs by Amanda

  2. I have to figure out how to get that button on my facebook page. Don't worry, I will! Has the goal of the walk been upped?

  3. Praying for Ally that side effects from chemo are minimal! What an inspiration she is...and you all are. I'm going to the Queen Bee site to look at the jewelry!!!

    Love you BUNCHES!

  4. Glad to hear the chemo's going so well, what a difference a month makes!