Sunday, August 2, 2009


Ally is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship runs rampant through the Mills family tree. Everyone knows that she runs Ally B's concessions at the pool. And does a fine job I might add. The other day Ally and her helpers were found sweeping the floor, cleaning the candy bins, and generally organizing their store. They cut up a bunch of the candy and put it on a fancy tray and walked around giving free samples. They took ownership! They have ideas and they follow through on them.

So today, I was not surprised to come home from church and see Ally and Madison in the front yard with all of their crafts displayed. They have made TONS of stuff this summer...what else is there to do when you feel terrible?! I have been keeping a bag of all her handmade, perler bead fusions, mosaics, artwork. Well today, they decided to set up a craft stand and sell their goods. AND the very best part of all of it....she wanted all of the money to go towards her walk. Am I actually instilling that philanthropic gene into her? I mean it came straight from my Mom and Dad...two of the most generous souls you may ever meet, but to see her doing warms the heart. I keep hearing about people in the army doing similar things to try to raise money. Just simple things, small things, but when it is all combined together it can make an impact.
Some of their inventory
One of the generous customers who helped to raise $20 today
So I say this, and I may now have Ally's fans now driving by looking for her sale. Haha. Someone suggested that I sell the stuff on Etsy and/or Ebay, and raise money for Leukemia. I don't have the time to figure that one out right now, but maybe.

Remember that swim team that had the fundraiser in Ally's name? I just found out that they raised over $1900 for Dayton Children's. I was so pleased to hear that.

Ally is doing good. She still takes her dinnertime naps. She still won't eat and her belly hurts a few times a day. She still tries to get us to fetch her bobo or bring her a cold glass of water, but we are doing a little more forcing of independence from her because we know she feels ok and she can do it. So I guess the path that God has chosen for us this week...a canceled chemo week, has resulted in a good thing for Ally. A small break from it all and a chance to be a kid again. If only for a week then so be it. We will take it.


  1. oh boy, just wait until Joshua sees this!
    You know he is going to be all over it :-).

    Can't wait to have another custom made item by miss Ally.
    I really like those pictures made of gems...hope there is one left for me to buy...

  2. Yeah that customer has to be a pic of my behind! Greaaat! Well Owen loves his little boy perler bead creation we bought and he had to show everyone. I'm glad Ally has been doing so well lately--when I've seen her she's been a lot more like herself. She seemed very excited to show me her snuggie! :) --Aunt Mel

  3. So glad that yesterday was another good day. I agree, the break is good. I wish I could have walked the dog over to check out the goods and say hello! I was just remembering how your mom and Mrs. McCardle (right?) ran the bake sale, and how my dad would wait for half price and buy everything that was left.
    We will be in Dayton in September, around Labor Day, and I'd love to say hello, even if only for a minute, and meet Ally. I'll get in touch as well get closer.
    Happy Monday.

  4. So glad the good days continue...what a beautiful gift to see that generous spirit come through in Ally, of course how could it not with you as her parents!

  5. I have to admit that I have missed reading your blog for the past couple of days now. We have had some issues here to take care of, but I am back and thrilled to hear this week has brought back some normalcy for all of you. Your kiddos whould be receiving our crazy package any day now. Please make something wonderful with the goodies we sent. We had such a great time putting the whole thing together.

    God Bless,


  6. Terri Barnett ShumakerAugust 3, 2009 at 7:21 PM

    Now I am going to have to come to Beavercreek to buy some of Ally's stuff and visit Lucas too.
    Maybe Grandma and Grandpa Barnett could bring some of her stuff here to Junction City for all of us Army folks to buy!!HINT,HINT