Monday, August 17, 2009

August 16th Double Birthdays

Today was my son's birthday. Happy Birthday Evan. He turned five years old and for some reason I can remember him being born more so than the other two. Probably because he was supposed to be a scheduled C-Section, but then he decided to come in the middle of the night two weeks early. And thus he was the only child I had that was not surgically removed. He kept us on our toes that night, and every day since. His greatest trait (I think) is his perceptiveness and his warm heart. He always knows what is going on and picks up on people's emotions very easily. Maybe that will make him grow into a sensitive man, I don't know, but I hope so. He is also the class clown, just like his Daddy. His happiest moments are when he makes someone laugh. I also believe he will always be a leader, just like his Pa. For now, he prefers to be a Mama's boy and he really does hold a special little place in my heart. Ally is a Daddy's girl, so I will leave Evan as mine. All mine.

Today was my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. Funny how that works. My Dad has not celebrated his birthday in 20 years. He stopped on his 40th, and today he turned 60. He had a string of bad luck things happen on his birthday. So he decided not to acknowledge it. Five years ago I was hoping he would change his mind when his first grandson was unexpectedly born on his birthday. I thought it was maybe God's way of nudging him. But he held out, still no birthdays. But just this year he decided to celebrate. I think he is turning over a new leaf, starting fresh, as he should. My Dad and I have been through so much together in the past two years. We grew much closer. We are partners in life...we help each other. We helped my Mom, day in and day out, together. He also sat right by my side as the doctors told us our daughter has Leukemia. He helps me in immeasurable ways and I listen proudly whenever he speaks in public at one of his many philanthropic functions. He leads a lot of people and helps a lot of people. But his kids and his grandkids are first in line. So today I gave him 20 years worth of Happy Birthday wishes. I had been waiting a long time.

To complicate all matters, Ally had a blood transfusion today. Of course, it ended up taking FOREVER and put a bit of a damper on the celebrating. 7 hours in the hospital, but we got done in time to go have dinner at the pool with the two birthday boys. Ally gave her Pa some special treatment tonight. Have you ever seen a big 6 ft 4 inch man getting a pedicure? Well, you saw it here first. Pa has some really great toenails courtesy of one Ally Barnett. She has to find something to keep her busy when everyone else is swimming and her port is accessed and she can't get in!

And last but not least, just short of 1am here, I have completed another 2 minute slideshow of the birthday weekend for our out of town family (and anyone else who would like a glimpse)


Thanks for following us on our journey.


  1. LOVE the video. I also love that your "boys" got to celebrate their birthdays together. Happy Birthday!

  2. Terri Barnett ShumakerAugust 17, 2009 at 7:44 AM

    Tell your dad his pedicure is beautiful and I am sure that Ally will never forget the day she gave Pa his pedicure.
    Your dad seems like a wonderful man and you and he are very lucky to have each other to lean on.
    Happy Birthday Evan and Pa!

  3. How special that your dad decided to celebrate this birthday with Evan!!! Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday for me. Ally's pedicure was beautiful. I wish I could come and have her do one for me. She does a much better job than all the places I go. I've often told Connie how lucky you are to have all of you there together and it is wonderful to have your dad for support if only it could be for other reasons. We just don't get to choose. I'm sure your dad is as proud of you for your strength as you are for his philanthropy.

  4. thanks for the photos. they are great!!! I love the uber cool cake, smiles, winning Ally, and especially your dad's toes. that rocks. He's such a great man, and I'm sure your little man is just as good.

    Happy Birthday to Evan and Bob!
    Here's to many more great birthdays together.

  5. 60 and 5 NEVER looked so good! :)
    Loved all the "smiling Ally" photos.
    Glad the day went well.
    Janel, you know I love you and your family. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily. :)
    Looking forward to October 1, it's going to be magical. I sent the info onto my BooK Club Sisters, six are in, so far.
    Mary Nutter

  6. I love the birthday post, what a special day. I'm so happy you guys celebrated the way you did. My son, Lucas, also has an August 16th birthday and just turned 4 years old. As you described your son, it reminded me of Lucas...same traits and he loves Star Wars and Legos too! :) Happy Birthday to the two of them. You are in our thoughts and prayers! -Janelle Anderson