Thursday, August 13, 2009


First of all, wow we had a lot of comments yesterday. Thanks for the encouraging words. I do know that the people looking at us are empathetic, caring, sympathizing, etc. I know there is no harm done. I do. I would just rather not be the center of attention so much. I think Jerad said something like he doesn't want people to look at us with pity...not so much for our sake, but mainly because he doesn't want our daughter to be sick. And there are just always these constant reminders that she is.

I just went in to kiss Ally goodnight and caught her reading. This makes me so happy. For the longest time I would try to get her to read. And I always gave up. Holding the book up was too much for her there for a while, much less processing the words. I love all of these normal things that I always took for granted in my past life.
Then I looked up over her and next to her bed and I saw this:

We have this little wire running across her wall and we change the cards out for the seasons/holidays, etc. We actually only change it a few times a year. But today it says LIVESTRONG. It's just not something you see in a seven year old's bedroom. I asked her how it got there and she said Daddy did it.

Tomorrow the nurse comes at 10am. They do have to access her port so we will put the Emla (numbing) cream on at 9am. I am hoping it goes smoothly with little tears. This will be the start of four days of chemo...Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday. Her brother is having his birthday party at the pool this weekend, so hoping she will find some other things to do to keep her occupied since she can't get wet.

Please say a prayer that tomorrow's chemo will kill any remaining leukemia cells. Only about 3 weeks until it is tested.


  1. LIVESTRONG Ally. The entire Army is behind you. Each and every one of us.


  2. Terri Barnett ShumakerAugust 14, 2009 at 6:03 AM

    That is beautiful, Jared did a wonderful job what a gread Dad. That is a sentiment that each of should live by.
    All of us have days when we think it can't get worse but if you just look around you and see that your day is not as bad as some others you seem to relax abit. It just takes a dose of reality to remind I us that life is fragile and should be taken one day at a time.
    Like Ally maybe we should just all read a book today!
    Thinking of you all as always.

  3. I think I just told you yesterday how I love how she's got her "spunk" back. Her little body is really fighting. LIVE STRONG girlie...

    We'll keep her busy at the party (without swimming) Afterall, she is QUEEN concession manager! She's going to have a broad spectrum of career choices when she grows up! Nurse, doctor, finance manager, nail technician...

  4. So glad to hear she is feeling better! I am joining Ally's Army for the Light the Night walk! :)

  5. oh my...what an amazing girl you have...Livestrong, Ally...and whew...when she said, "Daddy did it." tears in my they are streaming down my face...