Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday at Home

Today the nurses came to us!! Turns out they were a bit late, but that's okay when you are waiting in the confines of your own house. The appointment ended up being a bit more traumatic than I wanted it to be. When the nurse stuck the needle into Ally's skin, she ended up not being in the actual port. So then she had to sort of dig around to find luck. It hurt poor Ally and she was crying the whole time. So then she had to start all over, new kit, everything newly sterlized, and she poked her again. This time it went, but Miss A was not very happy. The chemo was administered successfully and she continues to have a fair amount of energy. She spent part of her afternoon playing with her friend Emma from school, which she loved. She spent the second half of her afternoon playing school with her brother and sister. We are getting ready for the big day --August 25th. She also went out with her Grandma and Grandpa tonight. They were taking Evan to the toy store to pick out a present for his 5th birthday.

I know quite a few of you have asked me about donating blood in Ally's name. Some of you even just donate blood anyway to be a good citizen. Well the Light the Night organization has teamed up with the Community Blood Bank and they are running a promotion. The blood bank will donate money on our behalf to the LLS. Here are the rules:

Blood Drive Incentive
  • Friday August 28th & Saturday the 29th at Community Blood Center (349 South Main Street downtown Dayton)
  • Each registered team member who donates during those two days will receive a $25.00 credit to Ally's Army! You have to mention that you are on her team to get the credit.
  • Reservations STRONGLY recommended either call 800-388-give (4483) to make an appointment or log onto Space is limited.
  • You can also register to win a Honda Civic as part of CBC’s promotion “Do Your Civic Duty”
  • Hours are 7am-4pm Friday and 7am-12pm Saturday

Our fundraising has topped $3000 in less than week. Thanks to everyone out there who is making it happen. Ally's Army is making a difference.


  1. I have never donated blood but have always wanted to. I now think I have the best reason ever to finally just do it! I'm so there!

  2. I cannot donate in Dayton, but I continue to donate in Florida. I am donating blood as well as platelets--that is great that money goes towards the team. Happy birthday to Evan, how time flies. Keep up the good work.