Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 1, Month 3

Today Ally started the third month of her chemotherapy. We had a long day at the hospital primarily because of the amount of fluids they had to give her after her chemo was infused. Ally was in great spirits today. She has been very quiet around the medical team this entire time. Maybe giving a slight wave or if they were really lucky a word or two. Today she was a chatty Cathy....giddy if you will. She talked to everybody and even spent some time showing Dr Broxson her zoo pictures. He patiently listened as she went through all of them, and then I said to him "that's the most you have heard her speak in three months, isn't it?" Everyone there said she looked great...much better. I can't see it because I am around her everyday. Sort of the same thing happened when she was diagnosed....apparently everyone was saying how pale she was but her own mother didn't see it for a while. But I do notice when she is smiling more. We did get some clarification on school from the doctors. They want her to go. Everyday if possible. Regardless of her counts. They say most infections come from within her body anyway. So as long as she isn't having nasty side effects, she is to go. She heard it. I heard it. We'll try it.

Her former Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Wolf, spent the afternoon with us. We talked about all things school, looked at some pictures of all the Valley teachers at a wedding, did some fake fingernails, and then played a few rounds of a card game. It helped to make the day seem shorter and more fun. Mrs Wolf even said she had not seen Ally acting like this...just silly. It makes us all feel better when Ally is happy.
We did end up having our Extreme Home Makeover dinner tonight at the Pentagon Tower Club. About 20-25 of the crew came and joined us for a dinner that we had catered in by Kohler's. It was good food and very interesting conversation. The executive producer sat with us at dinner and he has worked on this show, Survivor, and the Amazing Race. I really enjoyed hearing all of the behind the scenes stories. I also got to meet the design team (3 young woman who picked out and bought everything that went into the house). Again, the best part was hearing about how many people come together to help a family in need. Not just people from the show, but the thousands of local volunteers who took time to do good for someone they did not know. Reminds be a bit of our army.

We are expecting a home health nurse to be here at 10am. More ARA-C chemo to be delivered via Ally's port, which is currently accessed. And I need to go to bed now that it is 1am. Thanks for following our story. Everyday I meet a new person who is reading the blog that I didn't know was reading the blog. And it keeps me going.....


  1. Terri Barnett ShumakerAugust 8, 2009 at 6:29 AM

    Sounds like you had a good, although long day.
    Glad she is acting more like herself I know it must make each day easier on you and Jared.
    The army will be 200 before long! Take care and enjoy the good days.

  2. You are amazing for posting at 1:00 AM! I love that Mrs. Wolf came to sit with you and Ally. That must make Ally feel like a superstar.

    Fake nails? I need to make another appointment soon, because my nails look terrible. I need my nail technican, Ally, to fix them for me.

    Thanks for a fun night too!!!

  3. Janel,
    wow, what a day! Thanks for posting, even at 1am. I'm sure the Extreme Makeover team really appreciated the dinner too.
    I'm glad Ally is starting to open up at the hospital. Maybe that means she's a little less scared, AND was feeling better. The home nurse has already been there this morning- wow, what a schedule. I hope that went well.
    Here's to another chapter towards killing all of the cancer!

  4. I love hearing that Ally was actually "giddy". This break from chemo has been a good thing, yes? I like to think she was is such good spirits because the meds are working and the week off allowed for a much needed rest. What an absolute blessing!

    How fun to have dinner with the crew from EHM! What a treat! No Ty again, huh? Keep on looking for him . . . :)

    Happy Saturday to you and yours! I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily. Your entire army does!


  5. How nice to see Ally smiling even with her treatments back in motion again. Glad to see her with her kindergarden teacher - we teachers spend many hours with students that are not in the classroom and many hours worrying about our former and present students. So glad you were able to attend the dinner and have a little fun. Just one more soldier of hope and prayer. Your cousin, Jane "Mills" Sparks

  6. I'm a new reader!!! I'm rooting for you all! Keep up the good work and I know your Ally will beat this!