Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Surprise hospital visit

It has been a little bit of a crappy day. Ally did get up and go to school. We noticed this morning that our typically pale girl was looking REALLY pale. She ended up calling me by 750 am (school starts at 745) and was weepy and her belly hurt again. Again, her school helpers thought she was homesick. I tried to calm her down, but didn't really do it. The nurse called me back about 15 minutes later and said she went back to class ok. Mrs Hamilton sent me an update that she did pretty good this morning at school and recess.

Because of the paleness and also our general intuition, we decided to call the clinic and just have her blood drawn today. On Friday, her hemoglobin was at 8. Usually when it is at 8 they give her blood. Actually, I think they always have. Well they didn't on Friday, but said to wait until this Friday. We pretty much knew she needed blood and better to make her feel better sooner than later. I stopped by school, pulled her out of recess and put her emla cream on. Jerad picked her up from school about noon and headed to the clinic. Her hemoglobin was 6.1!!!!! Last weekend, they told us anything below 7 was cause for worry. Geez. So she needed not one unit, but two units of blood. The doctor assured me this was typical. She just seems to be getting blood a lot lately.

We noticed they were infusing the blood into her at a very fast rate. Usually it takes 3 or 4 hours to do one bag, and they did two bags in a little over two hours. Not sure why, and looking back we probably should have asked. Jackie came over to stay with E and C and I went down to relieve Jerad as he had a work meeting. Soon after he left, she started getting real shaky and crying a lot. Asking for her Daddy (of course) Maybe I should say yelling for her Daddy. Which also made me feel quite worthless at that point. (why does she always want the parent that is not there?) Pretty soon she was vomiting uncontrollably and I got worried. I got my anti nausea drug out of my purse to give her and in my rush spilled all ten of the pills all over the germy floor. Things were just not going well for us. So then we had to wait 20 minutes for them to "tube" up a Zofran pill from the pharmacy, the whole time she is crying about wanting to go home. We are kinda wondering now if the blood was infused too fast or what the deal was. She hasn't had chemo in five days. I got her home about 7pm and she seemed to perk right up. She seems better now.

We also found out her ANC is 130 (very low) which means she is susceptible to infection. I asked the dr...are you sure, sure you want me sending her to school. He keeps saying YES. Absolutely yes. I think his exact words were that after this is all over, her life must go on. So it is best to keep her going. He says most chance for serious infection comes from within her...and unless chicken pox is going around the school she would be able to fight anything there off. I told him about one of my leukemia friends that I met from New Jersey...her doctors don't recommend school during the intense phase. He said it is a difference in opinion..some docs are ultra conservative and some are not. He said, unless you put her in a bubble and only feed her sterilized food, she is going to be subject to the germs anyway. The germs will still enter into her environment on us, food, etc. And we all know that I can't do the bubble and boil all her food. So I guess when I start worrying can you all just remind me of this????

Please remember that the blood drive where you can earn credit for Ally's Army is this weekend. I have talked to several people that are doing it! I need to go sign up myself! Again, the details are:

Friday August 28th & Saturday the 29th at Community Blood Center (349 South Main Street downtown Dayton)
Each registered team member who donates during those two days will receive a $25.00 credit to your team!
Reservations STRONGLY recommended either call 800-388-give (4483) to make an appointment or log onto Space is limited.
You can also register to win a Honda Civic as part of CBC’s promotion “Do Your Civic Duty”
Hours are 7am-4pm Friday and 7am-12pm Saturday

Please continue to pray that Ally has normal days and stays free of all germs!


  1. wow, "a crappy day" is probably an understatement. All I can is that I hope tomorrow is better. I'm sure she'll look better, and hopefully sleep tonight. Is her ANC tied at all to the new blood? I mean, can the blood bring that count up to ease your mind about possible illness? I can't remember.

    One more day conquered, Janel. Best to Ally for tomorrow.

  2. Geez, all that happened after I saw you at the pool? Wow. Well I'm hoping and thinking she must do better tomorrow after getting some blood. I have to agree with the doctor that she should go to school and not be kept in a bubble. It's not like you can keep her in a bubble at home anyway with two other younger kids who go to school too. Illnesses are inevitable, unfortunately.

    Thanks for dropping off some car magnets!

  3. Seriously, all this after the pool?! Well, craziness is the new norm, right? ;-) You keep my life exciting.
    I hope this new fresh blood gives Ally 2 great days to round out her first week in 2nd grade!

  4. WOW, you had a whirlwind of a day....don't forget to take a breath during all of this!
    Praying for you all, and for Ally to have a great Thursday at school. You guys are doing a great job...trusting your instincts.

  5. Never fun seeing Miss Ally down...praying for a good night's sleep and a great third day of school :)

  6. I hope today is already going better and that she has perked up to enjoy some fun back to school activities. I know you always want to give your kids the best, just keep telling yourself that you are, the chance to be with peers and continue 'normal' life. Love to you all, and many prayers for the 1st.

  7. I was just thinking today how amazing your little girl is. Just yesterday, she got up early, went to school (and dealth with her sick tummy) left school and got blood at he hospital for hours, and then got back up again this morning as if it were just a normal thing. That's amazing. How many of us could do that?

    On the days when you stress about the germs, try to remember that you are not walking alone. God is there with you. Do your best to trust...and remember we're all still praying for her health (and for her to continue at school as much as possible!)

  8. Oh, I echo sweet Suzanne's comments totally. How could you NOT be concerned about the germs, but God, well He IS right there with you and Ally every day. I've been praying that He would place a "hedge of protection" around her - physically, of course, but emotionally too. What a brave girl - and amazing, just like Suzanne said. And you're pretty amazing too! Lots for you to deal with, yet you keep walking through. I praise God for what He is doing IN and THROUGH you every day. MAXIMUM love to all!

  9. Praying for a better day for everyone!!! Little Ally, Mom, and Dad need some relief. I'm not a doctor but maybe half days of school until Ally builds up her strength. Your whole family is so strong - I admire you. Love to all. Special love to your dad on this day.