Thursday, November 17, 2011

K99.1 Radiothon

Every Year K99.1 FM does a radiothon during Thanksgiving week and the proceeds benefit Dayton Children's.  I can remember hearing about it in the past.  This year, they asked us to come to the station and tell Ally's story to Nancy Wilson.  You may have heard of her also because she is very active with the LLS. She just lost her co-worker and very dear friend Steve Kerrigan to blood cancer within the past year.  Of course, we agreed to help as we would do anything for Dayton Children's.  We all sat in front of these huge microphones for a couple hours and answered questions, etc.  Nancy even met with Ally on her own, because she was more likely to speak when Jerad and I weren't there.  (She always defers questions to us)

So they took all the talking and edited it down and put it to her song...Ally got to choose...and the song is "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.  I remember posting the words to that song out here in the very beginning of her treatment.  We used to listen to that song to inspire us to keep going.  And now here the song is being used to tell Ally's story...with her voice, my voice, and Jerad's voice dubbed in.  They did a remarkable job and I hope that it helps to raise awareness and money for the hospital.  I hope you will take a minute to listen to it here...or even tune in next week.  I saw a full page add about the radiothon in the Dayton Daily News today.   

This is Ally and Nancy in the recording room.  You should be able to press play to hear the song...


Nancy let us go in to Channel 7's studio while the news was on.  (it was 6pm)  Very cool.  And then we got to play a little!  Ally's shirt was green so she blended right in.  I guess the weather people cannot wear green!
 I even got to sit at the weather desk.  Anyone who knows me knows I love some good weather drama!  Bring on the snowstorms!
 And here we all are.  This might explain why Evan told me at bedtime that he is "famous"....I was like, uh, why???  And he know the Ally's Army stuff.  He is really just so used to it.
I loved all of the comments after my last slideshow.  Running Ally's Army gets to be some work!  Always good to hear people's reactions when I spend hours doing something!  Dayton Children's even hooked it up to their website.

Thanks again for following our story and praying for our girl.


  1. You all have the news anchor poses down pat!

  2. I was fine until Ally's last statement! That was great, and I love hearing her strong, confident voice say that leukemia didn't beat her. And yes, you should consider switching careers to weather forecasting :)

  3. Oh Ally, you are SO not a "normal kid". You moved a mountain!!!!! I think that takes you at least a few notches above normal. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    Laurie H

  4. Incredible. So moving. Hearing Ally's voice say that leukemia didn't beat her was so wonderful. I talk about you and Ally with a family of a little boy who is in Ben's grade who is just beginning his battle - I referred his mom to your blog for strength and hope and for her to see that there is a top of that mountain that they are at the bottom of right now. Thank you for being an inspiration for so many people. Take care - Sheri cobler

  5. That is probably the most powerful song and story that I have ever listened to and then to hear Ally at the very end. What a dynamic and strong team, you have beat this as I knew you would. Wow, 843 days and look at all you have accomplished. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey. What a great Thanksgiving and holiday season this will be. God bless all of you now and for many years to come.

  6. So proud of Ally and all of you. What a difference you are making in this world.