Friday, August 28, 2009

Blood Donations

A quick update about the blood drive today and tomorrow. When you sign in, please tell them it is for the Light the Night Walk and then there is a form for you to fill out. Our team name is Ally's Army. You can just indicate that and we will get the credit. More important than the credit, we will replenish some of the blood supply that Ally has used.

The blood bank has only been open about an hour and they have already had four of our Army members there. Thank you Laramie, Laurie, Larry, and Jerad for starting us off.

I am going tomorrow morning as is my sweet sister in law Jessica who is driving all the way from Columbus to do it. That is a loyal Aunt I tell ya. Aunt Melissa is also joining me. I am scared to death, but after all the things that I have watched Ally do, this is very small....

Thanks again for all the help!


  1. Janel, you are one tough cookie. You can do this. I will donate platelets and blood here in Florida. I don't think it can go directly to Ally but hopefully it will help a youngster here. Take care

  2. Janel, just read 'leary' today, and I can't say enough how glad I am for you that you have Jerad in your life; the two of you make such a great team!
    Wish we could stop by the lemonade stand, but I think a ten hour round trip drive may be a bit much for the boys! We're working on coming 10/1 though.
    Hope the weekend is going well, and that yesterday really did go quickly and as planned. LOVE