Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fundraising Friends

59 people! I am so excited. More and more people are signing up everyday. I know there are more out there too. Some might even be my family members that have not yet signed up. (ahem, ahem) But really I am so excited. I see Ally's teachers, her principal, some people from her doctors office, her aunts and uncles, former co-workers, current co-workers, old high school friends, college friends, parents of friends, neighbors, family...and I don't believe it, but even some people that I do not know! Wow. And thank you so much for everything you are doing. I am hearing many different ideas for fundraisers...even down to kids doing some of them. If you work for a larger company (like my friend Shannon that works for the Gap), you may find that they will even match whatever funds you raise/contribute. And that is just awesome too.

I have to say that I was extremely touched today by one of the Army who posted a fundraiser to her blog page. She is a very popular photographer from Alabama who gets many many hits on her webpage. I sat at my computer with tears streaming down my face as I was reading what she is doing for us. Investing her own time and using her own field of expertise and charging people for her advice. Keep in mind that I have met Erin Cobb one time. She is a wonderful person (obviously) with a huge heart. Check out what she is doing here:


Another friend of mine, Amanda "Queen Bee", lives all the way in Arizona. Believe it or not, I met her strictly via the blog. She owns her own personalized jewelry business and she made my All 4 Ally necklace that I posted on the blog earlier. She has offered to donate $10 to our Light the Night walk for every item she makes as long as you mention Ally's name. She has great items out there (scroll down her blog to see them all). Good gifts for Moms, Grandmas, Best Friends, Teachers, etc. Here is her site, and I am going to try to put a button on the blog too (testing my technical expertise)


Ally is continuing to do well. She played lots of games today and watched very little TV which makes me happy. We went to get ice cream tonight and I even caught her swinging on the playground with her friend Joshua. My next goal is to get her on her bike or something similar. Baby steps......

Sorry for the shorter post. I just arrived home from the grocery store at 10:45 PM, had to put groceries away, then had to also load the dinner dishes into the dishwasher, step over the 100 toys laying around my house, change the laundry, and well....have time for blogging!! There is too few hours in the day but too many people are checking in on us to let the army down. Thank you!


  1. YAY for the army! So glad you were touched by my blog. I'm excited to do this for you guys. And I'll be sure to post about Amanda's donation. That's AWESOME! I love her work and her heart shines through everything she does.

  2. Good to hear Ally is doing better. It's so nice to see when they have energy and can do more "normal" activity. We continue to pray for her daily.

  3. Janel,
    thanks for posting, even after another long day. Glad Ally is still feeling well-I checked out Erin and Amanda's blogs- you girls rock! I think that I recognize Erin's husband and maybe friends from when I spent a semester at the Air Force Academy- how crazy is that?
    Congratulations on the walk numbers. It'll be great.

  4. Dear Ally,
    i am in akron right now but i will be coming home in about 10 hrs. how are you feeling?? i miss you! do you want to play outside after dinner???????

    We miss you but have been checking the blog even from Akron! Glad Ally has been feeling well. We thought of you all day yesterday while at the zoo. Madison and Ally definitely have a love affair with the zoo. We need to make a mulit-family trip next time. See you soon!!

  5. Thanks for posting at such a late hour, I wished I was closer so I too could walk. I am going to see what is going on here in Florida, but I can at least donate. You guys are with me everyday and I want you to know that, Janel, you are doing an incredible job. Ally is getting stronger and fighting harder. This quote I saw the other day reminded me of your entire family, "Life if tough, but I am tougher." Keep those good counts coming. Glad you had a good time at the zoo. The sites for the two ladies are awesome!!!