Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Why are we keeping this journal about something that we would really rather forget? Why would we want record of this terrible time in our life, when re-reading these things will just cause us to relive the pain?

First and foremost, I am keeping this blog for me. So that I can remember how my daughter feels on which days of the week and after which medicines are administered. How we handled the bad days, and also how we enjoyed the good days. We are going to experience the full realm of emotions throughout this.

Secondly, I am keeping this blog so that all of our wonderful friends and family can keep up to date on the girl they love so much. Literally hundreds of people have offered help to us. Prayers, meals, gifts, babysitting, condolences. I am getting the feeling that people really do want to help. And honestly, these people are what is going to bring us through. I owe it to everybody to keep them informed as to how Ally is doing with the treatments and what our schedule may entail. I thought this way would be easier than sending out emails all of the time. It will allow me to stay connected without taking time away from my daughter. Check it often. I will try to be good about updating, even if the post is small. If it bothers you to read about how crappy life can be for a seven year old girl, then don't read it! Something tells me that we are all going to learn a lot from her. As horrible as this disease is, she is going to turn out to be a tremendously brave, compassionate, and smart person. I just know it.

Finally, someday when I am on the other side of this, maybe I will be able to help another family. Maybe they will read our story and find some commonality that will make them feel at ease. That it is going to be ok.

Why did I choose ALL4Ally? First of all, ALL is the disease that we are battling. It is strange that it is also the first three letters of her name. But more than that, I was thinking that we are ALL in this together. Everyone that loves her. And it is a lot of people.

Welcome to our journey. Two parents who wish they could take the pain away from their little girl. A baby sister who cries every time her sister cries. And, well, a slightly irritating, but also loving little brother who promises to stick up for her if anyone says anything about her lack of hair. Please leave us comments. I think this will be a frequent source of support for our whole family.


  1. A little girl with courage. A little girl with the happiest laugh. That's Ally.
    We love our Ally and will do anything for her. We will cry together and we will laugh together. We will beat this, together.

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  3. we will get through it...our family of 13.

  4. That sweet face will be beautiful no matter how much hair.
    There is something inside Ally that is bigger and stronger than this obstacle, and she will conquer it.

  5. From Brad (sorry, couldn't get the sign in thing to work) -

    I believe with all my heart she is going to beat this. We're all here, ready to support her and fight this thing until it's gone. Give her a kiss for us every night!

    P.S. Tell Evan I got his back if anyone messes with my girl! : )

  6. Wow. What an awesome job you've done of writing this all out and explaining everything. I'm so proud of you...and of Ally. Cling to all you know is true. God Himself is right beside you, walking this deep valley with you. I'm here for whatever...I love you all.

  7. Janel,

    Your courage and strength is amazing!!! The Kac family is praying daily for sweet Ally. She is such a beautiful and amazing child! I know everyone is rallying around you and I am so thankful for all your support!!! Your guardian angel is going to give you more rainbows to help you all through this!!!

  8. From Shawn:
    Jerad and Janel: Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I cannot think of a family that would be better equipped to persevere through such an ordeal. I know that with all the love, faith, strength, compassion, and humility that you foster; this WILL be overcome. I am thinking of you, Ally. As one of my friends who was battling cancer put it; "It really is all about you deciding that you WILL persevere and you WILL come out stronger."
    Jerad: I am here for you anytime you want to talk. Give me a call ... even if it's late at night.

  9. Janel,
    My prayers are with you, Ally, your dad, and family. I love the name explanation brought tears to my eyes. Keep your faith strong...God will carry you through this.

  10. Michelle KlinglerJune 4, 2009 at 7:34 PM

    Jerad and Janel,
    Our prayers are with you and all of the family. With my pregnancy hormones already out of control, I love to be able to keep up through the blog. Please know that we are here for you if you need anything at all. God bless and thank you for allowing us to be informed. Ally has such a strong and kind spirit, I know she will fight her way through this.
    All our love,
    Michelle and Nate

  11. It's times like this where we find unexpected strength and support not only from within, but from others. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. This journey that you are about to embark on will bring great battles and lots of tears, but when you come out on the other side, it will provide great joy, relief and through it all you will find courage that you never knew you, Ally and the rest of your family and friends possessed. God will guide you through it, HE may not always make it easy, but HE will always be there with you. I am proud to know you all and I will be here every step of the way. Please let me know whenever you need anything. God Bless you all.

  12. All of your "girls" with whom you scrapbook and you and Ally make Christmas cookies with are thinking about you all and praying for you. If there is anything we can do at anytime...just yell!!!
    My little redhead will get better - and she'll be my little redhead again soon.

  13. Janel & Jerad,
    Amy's and my thoughts and prayers are with Ally, you and your family. Please keep us in mind if we can help in any way. We make pretty good sitters for your other two when you both need to be with Ally. We know that Ally is benefitting from the best medical care, countless prayers, lots of love and support.
    George & Amy

  14. Uncle Lou said,
    Jerad,Janel,and Ally-
    Honey,you are on every church prayer list here in J.C.We're all praying for you-Keep the Faith!God is watching over you.Love,Uncle Lou.Aunt Deb.Drew and Lauren