Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover

OK. So this blog is supposed to be about Ally. I know, I know. One cool thing about this blog is that I can actually make it into a hard cover book someday, if I so desire. So a lot of times, I write on here to let the army know how our girl is doing. (and by the way, she just threw up in her bedroom which is currently worrying me a bit) But other times I am writing just so I can remember things.

So tonight I had the special privilege of going into the VIP tent at the site of Extreme Home Makeover-Home Edition. They are doing a house right here in Beavercreek, Ohio just a few miles from our house. And the family they are doing it for typically sits right behind us at St Lukes. I don't know them personally but have seen them lots of times at church and also at Ally's school. It is quite exciting to me. This will probably never happen again around here. My Dad got invited to this VIP party tonight, but he gave the tickets to my sister and I. We could each bring a guest so Jerad and my friend Nicki went with us. Nicki is quite possibly the biggest Home Makeover fan that there is. She had already been to the site (in the general public area) at least four times before tonight. But tonight we got to go beyond where the public views it. We went across the street and checked out the very cool backyard...we went into the catering tent where all of the crew were eating...we got to see the designers making things for the kids bedrooms, we got to talk to people that are actually doing the work there, we got to stand outside of Ty's RV (although Ty himself was not there), and we saw all three of the main designers who were on set (Didi, Ed, and Michael). I got pictures of all three of them, although I can't see Ed in this one particular picture. We got a personal picture taken with Michael, who happens to be the one designer that I know the most about (well, except for Ty). We were just walking down the road and he was there seeing all the fans. We were in front of the crowd barriers with our VIP badges on...thus the picture. Jerad took it!

Nicki and I have loved Ty for such a long time. We always used to watch him on Trading Spaces...the little old show on TLC. Now he is the big time on ABC, but we still love him. Jerad had actually sent an email to one of the producers (the location manager) and asked him if we could host a dinner for the Extreme Crew at our Tower Club in our office building. Tonight he talked to this man in person and we may be pulling something together for Friday night. How exciting! I never thought he would take us up on it. Also, a friend of mine is a key player running the show over there, and invited Ally to come to the Kellie Pickler concert tomorrow at the site. I am not sure if I can handle taking the three kiddlings over there by myself, shuttle bus, etc. But she also told us that she would put us on the fill-in list for Thursday's MOVE THAT BUS reveal of the new home. We'll see. That would be a moment I would never forget.

The show is all about people helping people. Thousands of people coming together to help one another. The economy is bad but people are still donating every piece of this house. They unite for one cause and give a 27 families a new hope every year. What can be better than that?
This is us outside Ty's RV
Ed is back there behind the castle things.....darn it! He was such a busy worker bee. They were making some cool stuff in there. (Nicki's friend Mike Burger is working in there)
Yea, this is Mike again. We were just talking to him and the designer Didi came over.
We weren't supposed to take pictures in the backyard...but I had to snap a picture of the sign
And just a quick one of the back of the house
Jerad and I out front of the house...chaos!
And the new home for the Terpenning family...


  1. Terri Barnett ShumakerAugust 5, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    That is very cool Janel. Glad you and Jerad and friends took some adult time. Hope Ally gets to see Kelli.

  2. what a cool day! Hope the dinner pans out for you all too and that the kids get to see Kelli. I absolutely love that show, even though it usually makes me cry, so cool that you got the 'behind the scenes' view. I loved seeing both of your smiling faces.

  3. I simply L-O-V-E-d trading spaces when Ty was on it! I kepy waiting for a surprise shot of him.Oh well, keep trying. ;)

    I agree with Terri, it is important you get some time with just adults and this was a great week to do it. How fun is that!? Glad to see Nikki could join in as well.


  4. What a neat experience. I love Ty and the whole show, even though I often cry when they MOVE THAT BUS!!!! Hope Ally gets to see Kelli. Great you could have some fun adult time, it is a great energizer. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  5. I don't know how you do it Janel, Your faith, strength and energy are amazing! I feel as though I know the whole family very well just from reading Ally's blog. I'm glad the count is up and she can begin the third round. Pa Bob looked good in the hard hat yesterday in the DDN article about the Mills-Morgan Medical Campus.