Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meeting Sofie and Abby

After an interrupted night of sleep, Ally finally woke up at 11am! I know she was tired, but all night long she kept having stomach pain. It is more like a reflux type of pain, not nausea. We were up with her five times. She never had this pain in the hospital, but did prior to that. It dawned on us that maybe it was because she was half sitting up in her hospital bed, but at home she is laying flat. Well, Jerad told Dad about this at around 11am. By 12, Darren had already loaded up his truck and brought over Mom's hospital-like remote control bed. It can sit up, the legs can go up, I think it even gives a massage. (maybe I should sleep there) My Dad means business...if Ally needs something, it is there within moments. So, maybe, just maybe it will help Jerad and I will get a little sleep!

The highlight of our day (actually of our week, maybe our month!) was when Ally got to meet her new twin cousins, Sofie and Abby, who were born last Monday. Jerad's brother Brad just added girl number 3 and 4 to his family. We couldn't go see them because they live in Columbus..we are not allowed to go too far away right now. So Brad and Kim brought them down to see us. How cute they are! Ally and Evan each got their own baby to hold. They were here about 3 hours and I barely even heard them cry. We kept noticing that we really have a lot in common with them right now. These are the few things that I remember:

1) Up all night
2) Trapped in a bubble, too scared to go out
3) Constant feedings
4) Nervous, wives scared for husbands to go to work
5) Not able to enjoy the outdoors very much, even though it is summer

So those are all four of Brad and Kim's girls (Grace on the left and Kenzie on the right)

We did get Ally out to Evan's softball game too. She was crying when we left the house (stomach) but we pushed her through. Once we got there, she was fine and I think she even enjoyed being out in the fresh air. Then she saw a whole family at the baseball fields wearing their bracelets (Thanks Pezzots) which was pretty cool. I guess those things are selling like hotcakes. Larry called here and said he was quitting his regular job and selling bracelets from now on. Thanks for supporting Ally's Army and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


  1. The first picture of Evan holding the baby is so funny :-). Look at their dark hair!
    So nice to see Ally out at the game tonight :-). She needs to start selling her bracelets she is making :-)Potholders too!
    Crossing my fingers the new bed gets everyone a few more hours of restful sleep.

  2. That is so cute to see each one holding a baby...they look so small and cute!
    I hope that bed helps, you will have to update tomorrow on how the night was.
    Looks like you're gonna need to order more bracelets!

  3. Be careful playing Ally in Uno, she's quite the scammer - or maybe just flat out smarter than me, not sure which one. We had a blast seeing you guys today, thanks for carving out some time for us!

  4. The babies are beautiful. I'm sure Ally enjoyed meeting her new cousins. Can't wait to hear how the bed worked out last night. Ally still needs to teach me (and Madison) how to use our potholder loom. I love "crafting" with them.

  5. Janel (and Kim too) - I remember how it felt to be cooped up all day long in a "bubble". I started to think of it as more of a COCOON - a place where God allows you to have safe haven and eventually BURST out of as something beautiful on the other side. And, even though I wanted to be out running around with everyone, those thoughts helped me to feel not so isolated from the outside world. I knew, and know for you, that there is something beautiful waiting for you on the other side. Many prayers & blessings - Maggie

  6. What a blessing to see new life! How precious those girls are!!! I hope it was a boost to Ally to see them. Praying daily that God gives you all and Ally strength, courage and perseverance to face each day. Remember..."just do today"... Mucho love to all...

  7. Nothing like a baby to put a smile on your face and hope in your heart. So you got two times the smiles and hopes. What beatuiful children you all have. Hope you all get some sleep. Our continued prayers

  8. Finally back online to regularly read your blog - I think of you guys everyday and just don't want to bother you with a ringing phone so please call me when you get a chance - you can call my cell - I have our bracelets ready to be picked up tonight - let Ally know we'd love to see her soon - let us know when a good time is and I'll make sure we are healthy if we come by! Amy has been reading the blog to me when we were not connected to the internet - hang in there!

  9. What beautiful babies! I am continuing to pray for you all in this difficult time.

  10. Barnett family,

    Those babies are so adorable!!! I love the names. So precious!!!

    Thank you for letting us come into your house and see Ally!

    You all such strong and brave people!!! Your love, faith, and hope in inspiring.

    You do have any army behind you! Make sure to let everyone help!

    We pray tomorrow goes smoothly at Children's. I sooo hope tonight is a better night. less pain and way more sleep.

    take care!

    Dave, Jenn, Cade, Ella, and Reid Kac