Friday, June 5, 2009

The results are in

The results are in and we are a little deflated. As I had mentioned, we were hoping for that "blast" number (the bad cells in her marrow) to be less than five percent. That would save her from having another bone marrow next Friday. I was a little shocked to hear that her number was still at 65%. So she definitely needs another one. Dr French, the partner who did the procedure today, told us it was not uncommon when someone presents with a very high white blood cell count. They consider over 50k to be high risk and she presented with 92k. He did say they would like it to be under 5% for next week or they are going to have to alter her protocol...she would likely need radiation too, more chemo at induction, etc. I just really want this to be a textbook case. So if you are praying for something specific for Ally, please pray that her blast number is less than 5% by next Friday. I will say lots of these prayers, but the more, the better!

On a side note, we got home from the hospital around 7. Our "other family" the Boohers were here waiting for us with our other kids. They even had some spicy pizza for Ally (and us) to eat. My friends and my sister are totally helping me through this whole thing. I need lots of help with the younger two kids. I am so appreciative. And I look over to the side of the blog and see how many followers that we have already and I am humbled. I know there are a bunch of people looking that aren't followers too. I feel like I have this whole army of people for Ally. I am marching into battle and you are all right there behind me. Paving the way for us to beat this disease. Ally's Army. I think I like the sound of that.


  1. We will pray that Ally's blast count will be under 5% for her next bone marrow aspirate. Though I wish it were under different circumstances, I am glad we met your beautiful family. We will continue to pray for each of you during this challenging time.

  2. I am the mother of one of Ally's classmates... Alannah.

    We are praying for Ally and your family and friends.

    Please tell Ally that Alannah misses her and is sending her love and positive energy!

  3. Barnettes,
    We are all with you as you battle this disease. We really appreciate this blog, as it keeps us updated. We are saying our prayers for you everyday. This week we will modify it to lower the blasts! Gavin made you a ninja turtle picture that I will be sending. He said "Ninja turtles make me feel better when I am sick, so I think I will make one for Ally so that she can feel better." We love you guys! We are proud to be part of ALLY'S ARMY!
    Jenni, Josh, Gavin, Nathan, and Emma :)

  4. Is she really liking spicy food? If so I can make her some spicy tacos too! 4 members of Ally's Army over here!

  5. Still looking for PacMan! We want to be part of Ally's Army and help defeat this disease! Thank you for keeping this blog along with all that you have to do. Those of us who care about all of you appreciate what you are doing. We are here! Bill and Elaine

  6. Jackson Ryan says he hopes Ally feels better and that her body gets rid of the cancer. We will all pray for Ally as well for the rest of you.

    Hang in there!!!
    Steve, Renee, Nicholas, Jackson and Riley

  7. I am thinking about all of you every day. As coincidence would have it...I received a very unexpected call about 2 weeks ago. 12 years ago, my hairdresser's 4 year old son was diagnosed with ALL. He went through similar treatment that Ally is experiencing. Since then, his mom who was divorced at the time, remarried and moved to North Carolina. The last time I saw Mitchell, he was 7 years old. The call I received was from Mitchell. He is now living in Brookville with his dad and he wanted to know if he could come fishing at our pond....Mitchell is now 17 and drove himself and his little brother out to the house...How wonderful to see him doing so well. So hang in there Barnetts - I have every intention of dancing at Ally's wedding!!!
    Bonnie C.

  8. Barnette's

    I am sooooo very proud to have joined Ally's Army! Never thought of myself as much of a military girl, but for The Barnett family, I'd do absolutely anything! My heart goes out to you guys, and I've sent up TONS of prayers for you guys since your Aunt Linda informed us! Keep the faith!