Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hospital Stay, continued

I am sitting here next to Ally right now...8:30 pm on Thursday. Her blood counts came back okay, so I guess we can't attribute the fainting to that. I was kinda hoping it was the counts because then it would be a clearcut answer. She wasn't severely dehydrated either, but she was somewhat. I am hoping that is what started the whole episode. They have been giving her fluids all day and she is in the best spirits that I have seen this week. She is playing with her sister and talking and her eyes are pretty open. Pretty much the Ally I know and love. I haven't seen this for a while. We did not see any of this at home on Mon-Tues-Wed. Unfortunately, more chemo tomorrow and I am hoping our good state is not going to be over at 8am tomorrow. I am guessing it will be though. I just have to get used to it.

Her glucose is somewhat high. They are doing some tests because of that and changing what is coming out of her IV bag. I am writing this so I will remember, I know it is not interesting.

We are meeting other families here. I have talked to several other ALL moms on the phone too. I can learn more from them than anybody. And I have a lot to learn. I may be qualified as a nurse after taking care of my Mom, but after this I may just be a scientist too. I can throw out a few terms already that would have most people looking in their dictionary.

I need to get going and put my other two kiddlings into bed. They hung out with us tonight at the hospital. They are being whisked off to my sister's house tomorrow morning while I come down here for treatments. I am wondering if she will come home, but I kinda like her here too.

Please say a little extra prayer for Ally that this next round of chemo is a little easier on her little body.


  1. The Warrior

    For surely you did not choose this battle
    Rather it chose you
    And standing on the edge of what you cannot escape
    is most tormenting

    But take one final breath before the plunge
    And charge forward
    Knowing that you go not alone
    But in mighty company
    Of all who stand ready to fight at your side.

    And knowing that where your spirit is weakened
    There you will find untold strength
    Where your heart is fearful
    There you will find immeasurable courageousness
    And where your soul is mired in darkness
    There you will the most penetrating light
    The most powerful beacon
    Showing you the way

    We know the Barnett family are all WARRIORS!!
    You've all showed your courage over and over again!!

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  3. Continuation of Psalm 23: "When the pain is severe, He is near to comfort. When the burden is heavy, He is there to lean upon. When depression darkens my soul, He touches me with eternal joy. When I feel empty and alone, He fills the aching vacuum with His power. My security is in His promise to be near me always,
    And in the knowledge that He will never let me go."

  4. I belong to a strong family of believers at Bethel Christian Assembly of God. We will be holding you up in prayer. If there is anything we can do at all, please don't hesitate to let us know.

  5. Stay strong. We are all thinking of you. Don't worry about what you post and whether it makes sense. This is your journey and you have to document it your way. We love you,
    The Swabb Family

  6. Aunt Mary and Uncle ChipJune 5, 2009 at 8:59 AM

    Thank-You so much for this blog Janel! We cherish the moments you share with us and know that our hearts and prayers are with you daily! You can add "Author" to your resume along with scientist!
    What a great gift you have given all of us by sharing your journey through this terrible time.
    Know that we Love you all and please tell Ally
    Aunt Mary has extra gum for her!

  7. Thinking of you all and praying that Ally's treatments go well today. I can't tell you how good it was to read that she was in good spirits yesterday. It made me so happy to think of her laughing and playing with her brother and sister. Love you guys...