Sunday, June 7, 2009


Saturday ended up being the most "normal" day that we have had since this whole ordeal began. The term normal is being used very loosely here though. Since Ally had had the chemo on Friday, I wasn't sure when the effects would start. Honestly, the chemo gives its side effect for 7-10 days so she was still feeling the FIRST chemo. This phase of her treatment is just so hard on her because they are just knocking her down to nothing. So I am trying to keep track of what starts when, and she seemed to be just tired on this day. No complaints of any specific pains with the exception of her lower back which always seems to hurt. Maybe because they put a couple needles in there yesterday, or maybe just the chemo side effect.
Ally pretty much laid around all day. She did make a trip outside and played a game of Uno with her friends. Most of them were playing on the neighbor's Bonzai slide, but several stopped to play with her, which was very nice. I think that is the hardest thing for me as her Mom. I see all the kids running, playing, to do whatever...and my girl is no where near able to do that. Even though she was running with them just a short time ago.
I actually went to the grocery store for the first time in weeks. We had been out of town right before this happened so we had nothing. That brought a little normalcy to the day. My Dad also had us up for a cookout. And the two families we hang out with all the time (Boohers and Wingers). We keep saying we are a family of 13 now, and that they are not gonna leave our side. We are so lucky for that. When we were up at Dad's, Ally mostly laid around while the other kids played. Dad and I did convince her to get in a chair on the dock and do a little fishing. She caught two!!! Then she laid by the fire pit and had a s'more. She was pretty much asleep by the fire before we even left. We probably pushed her too far, but I was just so glad to get her out.


  1. So glad to have Ally out-even if she was tired. We'll take what we can get!

  2. Thanks for the continued updates and so glad to hear she was able to make it outside a little bit with her friends yesterday. We're thinking and praying for Ally everyday!

  3. I understand just wanting your child to do normal things. When Matthew was having his issues last year, I too just wished for some normalcy in our lives and for him to do normal kid things.
    But what I found out is that we all have a different normal. Soon, your new schedule of appointments and treatments will become normal for you. You learn to adapt and just go with it. The only advice I can give you is that you have to learn to just "be", to go with what is happening at the moment. Learn to enjoy everything and cherish the good days. They will get you through the bad ones.
    I am so glad to see you taking pictures during this journey. It is hard, but it is a part of Ally and all of you. You should continue to document your journey.
    We love you guys.

  4. Glad to see she got out too. I can't imagine how drained she feels but even though she can't always actively participate, I'm sure she's happy to be as involved as she can be.

  5. Hello - My name is Jenilee Goodwin and my husband is the children's pastor at Bethel Christian. We are friends with the Bostwick family. They have told us about your daughter and we wanted to tell you that our children's church is praying for Ally! We will continue to follow the blog and lift your family up in prayer in the coming months.

  6. This is the first ever blog post for a very un-computer savvy person. The photos of the day at your Dad's were awesome! Let's hope there are many more this summer! You are all in our prayers everyday! 3

    The Grant's

  7. Janel,
    thank you so very much for writing all of this down. the updates mean a lot to me and so many others....a few things came back to me as i was reading. I remember my dad really liked spicy foods because his taste buds changed. And although he would be bloated sometimes, he needed to keep drinking liquids. and finally, it took us awhile- maybe a few years- to realize this would be helpful, but we actually started listening to positive thinking tapes, and doing yoga/breathing exercises. this was in the 80's, before it was really common. maybe that would help ally when she's scared of something new- maybe. i'm sure you learned a million lessons from your mom, but i just thought of these. i think of ALL of you every day. and i have faith.
    don't forget to take care of yourself.

    jodi mcgovney