Monday, June 22, 2009

She slept!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now interrupt our regular schedule of blogging to report.....that Miss Ally slept all night!!!! (well she did get up twice, but neither time did she mention her stomach) Jerad and I were so happy. When we got up the second time at 5:30, Jerad, in all of his tiredness, still had enough humor to say "crack open a bottle of champagne". I can't tell you how much we all needed to sleep. I think it had been about 5 days. I was actually getting dizzy! I had spent the night before Father's Day up with her, letting Jerad sleep for his holiday...uh, yea, that is the only free night he gets too. (Maybe his birthday)

While I am doing a quick post...I thought I would mention that Idle Hour Swim Team, for which Ally was supposed to be a member this summer, is doing a swim-a-thon in her name. I believe it is June 30th. They let us pick the beneficiary of the event and we chose Children's Medical Center. They have it posted front and center on their webpage, which you can view here. I am hoping they can raise some money for the hospital that has treated us so nicely and become our second home. We are all so humbled by the support that this team has given her. She only went to ONE practice before she was diagnosed, but they are treating her like she has been there for years.

Some stomach pain this morning. But nothing too severe. Thinking of getting the haircut today. Please don't forget to read Jerad's sweet post below. It only took him 2 hours to write, so I am hoping everyone takes the time to read it.


  1. YAY! Man, I was BEGGING God during the night to give her some relieve from that pain! I'm was so happy when Jerad came in this morning and said she slept! Awesome, indeed. I pray this continues so that you all can get rest. Thanks for updating...

  2. Alleluia! What a great start to the week! Jerad, I loved your post and pics, sure the counts didn't go down, your Flanders viewpoint is great. Tell Ally that she is famous in Flushing! At Vacation Bible School today the lesson was accomplishing something you didn't think you could do by knowing that God is with you (a la Moses and the burning bush).I told all the seven and eight year olds about Ally's battle with this horrible disease and how she is getting through it knowing that God's presence is always with her. All of the children said a prayer for her, and sent their best wishes for Ally.
    Hope the rest of the day goes well, onward and upward!

  3. GREAT NEWS! Prayers answered!

  4. Sooooo happy to hear that - what a blessing for all of you! I hope this is something that becomes the normal, rather than an exception - will pray tonight goes the same or better!

  5. I am so glad you are all getting rest! You are being prayed for by the entire Bereda/Mescher family daily.

    How about those "rolly polly sailfish" at Idle Hour. Remember that they use to be our biggest competitors for Cardinal Hill and that crazy sailfish song we use to sing. It is amazing how much people are willing to do when they are inspired by courageous people like Ally and your family.

    Let me know if we can do anything.

    Hang in there!

  6. We have been working with the swim team. :)

    I think that is so cool of them to do! Thank you for your continued support of Dayton Children's!