Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teetering on the edge..

Ally has developed a fever. This is what happens to the leukemia kids. By killing all the bads cells with the chemo, they also kill the good cells that help her fight infection. When her blood counts drop to low levels, which they have, she is unable to fight off any germ that flies by. This is why it is crucial to always wash your hands around her and also to keep all sick people far far away. She is also susceptible to just the general germs that are present in all of our bodies. They are there all the time, but our white blood cells fight them. She no longer has the white blood cells.

So her fever is about 100.5. If it stays at that for more than an hour, we head to the hospital. She has been there for 45 minutes, so I am thinking we are going. They start her up on IV antiobiotics and check her blood for infection.

Someone asked the other day about sending well wishes to Ally. No need to send much...she has gotten so many gifts! But if you are inclined, here is the address.

Ally Barnett c/o Jerad Barnett
3500 Pentagon Blvd, Suite 500
Beavercreek OH 45431


  1. Assuming you are at the hospital. We are praying for you. A hard day after such great news yesterday! Prayers and thanks again to all of you close enough geographically to help the Barnetts on a daily basis, it warms my heart to see all of the love they are receiving!

  2. Praying for Ally, especially today. And you.

  3. Praying yet again - God keep Ally safe! Question if you have time - what is Ally's blood type? If we match can we designate a blood donation for her? I'm more than willing - I am B negative.

  4. Same here...A negative
    Here is my e-mail in case she has the same blood type