Monday, June 29, 2009

3rd time to hospital in 5 days!

As you may have guessed, we had a night full of stomach aches and crying. Based on what the doctor had said, and our panicky minds kicking in, Jerad took Ally back down to see Dr. Broxson. The severe pain was just not letting up. He examined her and sent her for more x-rays and labwork. Her x-ray showed that her intestine has cleared and she is not as backed up as she was. (again, sorry for too much information. She is gonna hate me for this someday) So this was good, but kinda bad in a way because then there is not a concrete explanation for her pain. So the current diagnosis is that she has gotten too much Miralax, and the pain is caused by cramping. We have stopped that routine now and we are waiting to see. I was a little shocked to hear that Ally has lost almost 9 pounds in the first month. That is a lot of weight for a little girl...more than 10% of her body weight. She just isn't eating anymore and she looks pretty little to me. All that midnight snacking she was doing when she was taking the steriod has fallen by the wayside.

In the meantime, the doctor prescribed her to have as much activity as possible. This is crucial in helping everything. However, it is very difficult to get a girl who is tired and does not feel well to do much of anything. We had her walk halfway around the block when she got back from the hospital. Lots of crying, but we did it. She is especially whiny and non-compliant for Jerad and I, so we called on some of her army to help us out. Before dinner, her neighbor friends Madden and Regan came over and they just did a little sand art project on the front porch. When she is engaged in something, there is no crying! This lasted for about an hour. Then more resting and after dinner she was outside again. The weather is so perfect now..almost cool! So my friend Nicki had this awesome idea to have the kids in the neighborhood do a scavenger hunt. She made them a list and had Ally take pictures of everything as they found them. They walked around our big block this time, keeping her engaged and active. Jerad and I quietly disappeared for this, as she looked over at me once and I saw a look of crying come to her face. Ally loved this so so much. She asked to do another one. Then another. Now Nicki is talking about writing one to do at Fox Hill (my Dad's house), one for the baseball game Wednesday night, one at the playground, etc etc. Whatever works.
Finishing the scavenger hunt
Sno-cones for everyone afterwards, you may notice that her white seal Bobo is in almost every single picture on this blog. She never lets go of him. Do a where's waldo search, but for Bobo, and you will see it!
We are off to do the swim-a-thon in the morning. I mentioned this in a previous post. They are all swimming in honor of Ally to raise money for the Children's Medical Center. (Our choice) How humbling and kind of this wonderful team. I am praying we get some sleep tonight so we can be out the door pretty early for that. Really I just want some sleep.

I also had several people mention to me today that they would have gone bald if they had known we were doing it. So I may have to arrange another "go bald" party. I heard that my Dad went bald today too! Can't wait to see and post a picture of that.

Look at my lovely 124 loyal followers over on the side. Ally's Army is growing everyday. There are actually 900 people that have looked at the blog this month and almost 300 people do so every day! I was looking through some info and we now have people following her in 46 of the 50 states. Several from Canada, Australia, even Portugal. The prayers are coming from all over, and I will take whatever I can get. Thanks for all of the supportive comments and letting us know you care. It means so much.


  1. This may be the one and only time I post at 12:03 am. (Ha ha) So glad Ally got out today. The kids seem to swarm her--they do love her. We'll do it every night if that's what it takes!

  2. What a fun thing to do for all of the kids but especially to keep Ally focused on something and her mind elsewhere! I hope the swim-a-thon goes well! A cool morning for it! I hope the absence of miralax helps too! Talk to you soon

    Love, Lisa S(I am now signing this way b/c I notice there are several Lisa's who post:)

  3. Yeah for great, creative friends! I'm so glad that you have such a great neighborhood. I hope the Idol Hour adventure goes well. I'm sure Cardinal Hill would have joined them too- wish I still knew people there.......anyway, stay strong. thanks for the posts.

  4. I read somewhere...your friends are family. The only difference is that you get to choose them! Sounds like you have chosen wisely!

    The Alexander Family are all wearing our bracelets and saying our daily prayers for Ally.

    All Our Love

    Renee, Todd, Demi, Nicole, and Ty

  5. Distractions may be the best medicine and leave it to Nicki to come up with a great one - way to go Nicki!!
    Am wearing Ally's bracelet and saw Jan Browning wearing hers yesterday too - they will be everywhere shortly!!
    Here's praying that the cramping stops as the medicine stops -

  6. Janel, I was in shock to learn today at the Swim-a-thon that Ally was your daughter. If I could just remember your real maiden name I would have made the connection. We have been praying for Ally and your family and will continue to do so. She is on our prayer chain at church and will continue for the duration of her treatments. Ally will find her strength through you, her family, her friends and even those she does not know who are praying for her health and that ever precious smile! Lisa Saylor

  7. Here's a big virtual *hug* to you and your family. My husband and I continue to pray for Ally. <3

  8. Aw, I love the hair shaving party! What a group of courageous and loving friends/family. People who are selfless - and consider the benefit of others above themselves. That is so awesome. What a huge blessing. "Miss Lisa" loves all of you, very muchly!

  9. Oh, and I LOVE Ally's beautiful face - hair or not!