Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bump in the Road

I wanted to make this blog be a continuous story, but our circumstances have changed a little and I will get back to the rest later. For now, Ally is back in the hospital. She scared us eating, no drinking, her jaw hurts too bad from the chemo (a side effect). She laid lethargic all day. I don't even think she was focusing on much. We started to panic a little last night, but then got a very small amount of food into her and put her in bed. This morning, she woke up about 9:15. She came downstairs and said her belly hurt. She went into the bathroom and Jerad was in the kitchen. Next thing we knew she had passed out and was laying between the toilet and the wall. She came to pretty quickly after Jerad picked her up, but she could barely open her eyes and wasn't talking too much. Jerad carried her to the car and took her right back to the hospital. My wonderful friends took Carly and Evan and I was there shortly thereafter. Did you know you can get from our house to Children's in 14 minutes? Its true.

They started her on fluids right away...within minutes of getting there. They think she was dehydrated. The also think her blood counts are is called "bottoming out" and it usually happens on day 7-10 after chemo. Today was day 6 for us. Because she was slightly dehydrated, her blood results were a little concentrated, so they are checking them again here at about 4pm. They also ran some blood cultures on her to make sure that she did not develop an infection. We are waiting those results. She does not have a fever, which is good.

Ally was admitted...they said a few days. Honestly, she was scaring us so much that I am more comfortable with her being there. She already perked up some today after the IV fluids. We even got her to drink an icee and eat half a soft taco. And my Dad had to load her tray up with candy too. Maybe she will eat a little of that. Any food is better than no food.

She was due into the hospital tomorrow morning for her next round of treatment anyway. Right now, they are still planning on doing another bone marrow biopsy, a spinal tap, and also two different chemos. I have been dreading Friday all week because I knew it was coming.

I will continue on later to explain everything because I know I am jumping around. I just wanted everybody to know that we are back at Dayton Childrens.


  1. Oh My what a scary morning! I am soooo glad she is feeling better with fluids and tlc from family and doctors!!!

    We will be thinking about all of your nerves and emotions tomorrow!

    Jenn Kac and family

  2. Wow. That must have been scary! Hope Ally is feeling better. What room # are you in?

    Wanted to pass this along to you. Not sure if you are aware of CureSearch organization. June is CureSearch month and their Reach the Day event is coming up in DC. CureSearch works to fight childhood cancers.

    Hang in there. We are all thinking about you guys!

  3. We are praying for you every day... Keep your chin up, and your heart strong- Ally will fly through this with sure determination! You are in our hearts, always.