Monday, January 4, 2010

School, not so much

Ally barely got to school and about 1 1/2 hours later she was calling me crying. Belly ache, headache...I kinda think a little bit of homesickness too after two weeks off. She does have a pretty good cough going too. I barely had time to get Evan dressed, fed and out to school and I had to go get her. Of course, once she got home she was fine. We spent most of the day cleaning her disaster of a room and she even played with a friend for a little bit. I never know what to do about school and it stresses me out. Every time the phone rings and she is gone I just jump. I slept fine all of Christmas break (except I went to bed very late)...but now last night I am up half the night and anxious again. I am hoping that she goes for a little while tomorrow anyway....this way we can somehow get groceries into the house. I am lacking and don't ever like to take here there. Oh yea, and it would be nice if she did a little learning too. Her brain has been on a long vacation.

Not much other news today. I am sitting here listening to her coughing in her bedroom. For most kids, it is just a cold...but for her it can turn into much worse. Scary. Carly also has a sinus infection and cough (and is on antibiotic) and Evan is holding up his fair share with just a bit of a cough. I am now just wishing for three well kids!!!


  1. Hate to hear your day was turned upside down. Poor Ally. She probably feels really safe at home...bless her heart. I am ready and willing to go to the store for you or come over so you can go! Just call on me. Now, there's a delay so maybe Evan won't go at all today? Don't know what "Plan B" Kindergarten is! Whatever the day holds, you just enjoy those precious moments with Ally and E & C as well. It is precious time. Love you and prayed for Ally and all of you early this morning! XOXOXOX...

  2. Winters are tough on us healthy folks and even harder on the children with all they are exposed to. Here is hoping that Ally fights off all the bad stuff and as you say can get " a little learning" As a former teacher, that really made me smile. Take care of yourself and try to get some more sleep for the days ahead, sleep always helps you to handle things better. Take care and hang in there. Many thoughts and prayers coming your way these wintery days.