Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fever Day 4

We are still here at home. Day 4 of a fever has persisted. Ally has been quite miserable for most of the day. She really can't get out of the horizontal position because her head hurts so bad when she does. We have been trying different things they suggest for the headaches including keeping her in a dark room and also giving her caffeine. The doctor just called and told her to try Vicodin. I just got it in make her gag quite a bit getting it down. But it is now in her system and I hope it works. I feel so sorry for her and again so helpless.

The home health nurse came and tested her blood again today. Her ANC has actually shot up to 470 now. What is actually different for us this time is that Ally typically gets these fevers when her counts are on their way down...this time her counts are going up. So I guess this gives more credence to the fact that she just has a virus like any other kid would get. This was the doctor's guess....since nothing showed up on her blood cultures. So with a virus, we just have to give it time. As is the case with anyone, antibiotics will not do anything to kill a virus. It just has to run its course. (However, she is still getting the antibiotics to combat the bit of bronchitis in her lungs.)

I have to say after all our education and putting the fear of God into us about fevers, it is quite disconcerting to be sitting here with a fever and NOT be in the hospital. Trust me, I don't WANT to be in the hospital. No I don't. But it makes me a little uneasy to be doing it alone too. I am always scared we are missing something....and what if it is not just a virus. Mostly, I just want her to feel better. She is a pretty sick girl right now.

I will just keep my faith and pray that the fever will be gone for good by tomorrow. They are wanting to start her chemo back up on Monday. She will also have it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. She will need strength to be handed all that chemo in one week and I am just not sure she has it. But we have to keep marching on against the leukemia cells. Hopefully the week turns out better than I am envisioning it. My husband would argue with me on this....but sometimes it is better to expect the worst and then be pleasantly surprised if it goes better than planned.

In our world of uncertainty right now, one thing is certain. The Cowboys won and they looked quite awesome doing it. It has been a long 13 years since they have done it!


  1. Hope ally's fever has subsided by this morning. Just for the record, and because of your family photo, I'll root for the Cowboys this off- season. I know you guys can handle whatever comes your way this week.

  2. Since the Bears really were awful this year, I guess I can swing over to the Cowboys, but only for your guys and for this post season. Glad to hear you made it through the weekend and as always, Ally keeps the fight going, I know you and your family will make it through this, the weather and everything else makes it tougher, but you can do it. Has it really been 13 years for the Cowboys, it seemed like they were winning all the time and then like you said nothing, but they are on a roll now and you guys will be too very soon. Take care and I hope Ally feels better today.

  3. Thinking of you and hoping she is feeling better today.......yes, understand the feelings of being home with fevers?!? Makes no sense after all they tell us regarding fevers but sounds like everything looks great so thank God they let you go home. Praying she's better soon.

  4. Janel, thinking of you and praying for you all day. Must say, yesterday's picture made me smile. That Carly is soooo cute with her little pose. She just loves the camera! Give Ally a hug from us, and let us know if you need ANYthing!!

  5. Hi Friend. I am still here . . . just dealing with my son's allregic reaction to an antibiotic for an ear infection.

    Fevers aren't any fun . . . no matter the reason or circumstances. Trust the doctors and yourself. You are a great nurse for Ally and this too shall pass. I am sending e-hugs right now Janel. You are ALWAYS in my thoughts.