Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cowboys Eagles, at kickoff

Here we are. Cowboys vs Eagles. I am taking this picture right at kickoff.
Yes, Ally made it home. However, this morning (and last night) she had a fever. Jerad told me and it took everything I had to not burst into tears. I was certain they would keep her another night. Then Dr B did rounds this morning and felt comfortable enough to send her home, even with the fever. Who knew?!? I can never tell what they are gonna do. The fever could be caused by her actual chemo (it is a side effect of ARA-C) or she could have a virus. But her blood cultures are still showing no infections and her ANC was up to 260. So he let her go. It is a little scary for me to have her here with a fever. The fever was just 102 a bit ago and she slept most of the evening. God help us get through this....I do feel fairly comfortable with my nursing skills and we are only 20 minutes away from the hospital if we should have to go back. (Please NO)

I am feeling a few people who are not so happy that we are Cowboys fans. It is quite funny that we both are. When I was a little girl, my Dad instilled a love of sports in me. He never had any boys, but that didn't matter to him. We would sit and watch football and he would teach me all kinds of stuff. I can remember winning his office pools as a very young girl. I can also remember lining my smurfs up to watch a lot of the games (NERD). Anyway, while other girls had pink bedrooms with unicorns or whatever I had my Dallas Cowboys bedroom. Tony Dorsett being my hero at the time. And then there was Jerad growing up in little Junction City, OH but also loving the Cowboys. He was way infatuated with Bill Bates. In fact, if Ally was born a boy, he wanted her name to be Bill Bates Barnett. Thank goodness we escaped that one. So once we started dating we realized we had one really good thing in common! And instead of seeing hearts when we fell in love, we saw STARS. Hahahahahahahah.

The week Ally was diagnosed, our friend Bob Grant was in Dallas. He brought Ally back that Romo jersey that she is wearing in the picture. She even had it at the hospital today. Our little boy Ally.

I do know my brother-in-law Mike is on our side with the Cowboy love. He just got a piece of the old stadium turf for Christmas!

Alright, well gotta get back to my 'boys. Hoping for an uneventful night and then a home health nurse is coming in the morn to give Miss A more antibiotics and take some more blood. She may start back to the ARA-C as early as Monday. (they held her chemo Fri/Sat/Sun when she got sick)


  1. Talk about bursting into tears - - I had tears seeing this picture - what a blessing!! What an amazing way to end this tough week - - Ally, I lived in southern NJ for a long time and loooved the Eagles so much but I don't think there is anything in the world that would have me rooting for anyone other than your team :)))) Go Cowboys!! This is a priceless picture and Janel, I am sooo happy for you to watch the game at home with your entire family. Good for you and God Bless all of you!!!!
    ~ Jenny

  2. We are so glad you are home..But I agree that it is scary..Have faith and we will pray she does well..We will be clinic in Monday at 1:00, hope to see you.GO COWBOYS.. Are Bengals lost.. Go figure.

    Much Love, The O'dells

  3. Might as well root for the Cowboys now since the Bengals blew it! Looking like your team is going to pull off a win. :) I guess I'm a NERD too who also used to line up all my stuffed animals for the Super Bowl games, ha ha. But hey, that's probably all why I love to have football on in the house.

    Glad Ally is home, I hope she has a good night and gets over the virus and bronchitis soon. Lord knows she doesn't need stuff like that on top of what she's already got to fight off.

  4. I am a Steelers fan, born and raised in Pittsburgh so it hurts my heart that they are not in the playoffs this year...but it makes my heart happy that you are all sharing something that you love TOGETHER! That's what counts, that Ally is home and that you are together! And what a great game for Cowboy fans! Continued prayers and well wishes for Ally and the fam.

  5. So glad you made it home and got to see the game. Hope the rest of the weekend goes as well.

  6. I am a true black and gold Steelers fan but I knew that the Cowboys would win their game for some very special fans. How great to see all of you at home with smiles of joy on your faces. I have not been posting because we have been traveling since December 24th but I am still checking Ali's progress everyday and praying for your whole family. Love to all of you. Your strength is awesome, Janell & Jerad.

  7. OK - so the Bengals bungled again...jeez, will they ever get it right? Glad for you that the Cowboys made good and will go to the next level.
    Ever so glad Ali is home again where every little girl belongs.