Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quick Update from Dad

While Janel is out galavanting on the beach, actually seeking rare seashells is more her forte, I thought I would give everyone a quick update on Ally. She is feeling great once again! Not only did the stomach flu seemingly pass as quickly as it came Wed/Thurs, her counts must be going up because she is quite the ornery one. When she starts calling me weird or stinky, I know she is feeling well. And the melatonin experiment worked wonders. She slept for 10 straight hours!

Janel and Melissa made it safely to Longboat Key and are having a great time with Bob. Even though their flight was delayed about 4 hours, they made the most of it. Who knew you could get a manicure at the airport? And Janel did indeed go shelling yesterday and was heading out for a swim when we "skyped" her and Bob this morning. For those of you that haven't discovered Skype yet, lookout because we have fallen in love with video calling. It was great to see video of the sunshine and blue water.

Finally before we head out to Evan's game and the Wright State game, I wanted to let anyone that might be attending today's game know that you'll see the men's team coming out for warm-ups in their Ally's Army shirts! We'll all be in our orange shirts as well behind the basket by the WSU bench. Coach B (aka Brad, aka Missah Brownell as Carly calls him) called yesterday and said they wanted to show their support for Ally on the Coaches for Cancer day. We are so appreciative of the support of everyone at WSU, and the guys on the team have taken a real interest in our little girl thanks to Brad and his staff. Janel loves seeing Brad's Ally's Army bracelet when they are on TV!

And don't forget (from Janel's blog awhile back) that the womens team is going to honor Ally on their Coaches for Cancer day on Saturday, February 20th at their 3:00 game. Ally is going to be presented with a pink ball at halftime. Thanks again to another Coach B (Bridgett Williams) for thinking of Ally as well. We are blessed to have so many friends.

Well, I'm off to the sunny beach...Oh wait, that's Janel. At least it is sunny here, even if it is only 11 degrees!


  1. Jerad, you are one funny guy, not sure why Ally calls you those other names, I guess because she can. Anyway, thanks for the update and glad Ally is feeling better, makes the trip for Janel even better. Have a wonderful day, and here in Florida today, at least where I am it is raining, but yes it is still warm. Take care and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work.

  2. My parents have been on us to start skypeing, so look out, we may be calling you soon :)
    Enjoy today!

  3. Terri Barnett ShumakerJanuary 31, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    Another great post from you Jared. Enjoy your day and time with the kids.

  4. You are a great Daddy Jared. I am thrilled to hear Ally is on the upswing (calling you stinky and weird . . . sounds like my boys) and I am glad Janel is getting a break. Enjoy your time together!