Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to CMC

Just a quick note. We are heading to the hospital again tomorrow. Bummer. She needs platelets (they were only 23). One of these chemos is just eating them up because she just got them! I am picturing a little pac-man guy in her body eating platelets. She is also quite close to needed a blood tranfusion (she is 8.2 and they transfuse at 8) They are going to test her again in the morning and possibly do that too. If she needs two transfusions, this could amount to a very long day. Of course, I found all of this out at 4pm this afternoon and did a little freaking out session while trying to arrange everyone's day. Not one clinic visit this week, but two. We have definitely had more, but still would rather stick to one.

Ally seems to be doing well. Had a full day at school and was quite happy about it all. She had dinner with her best friend Madison tonight, which was quite a treat for her. She did have a bit of a crying meltdown at bedtime and was complaining of headace. This could mean she is symptomatic and needing the red blood transfusion. We will see.

By the way, thanks to all of you that donate blood and even more thanks to those of you that donate platelets (takes way longer to do that). I keep getting my reminder call from the Community Blood Center and I have to get back there and help replenish the supply that we are using. Someday, someday, when I have more time. Maybe I can even get my name on one of those plaques. I have found many ways that I can volunteer myself in a few years. Now I just need to get there.


  1. Another clinic day, huh? I am guessing that Ally feels sooo much better after the transfusions/platelets. Does the pink come back into her cheeks? Just wanted to let you know I am always here . . . Reading, checking in, praying . . .


  2. Janel, a group that I'm involved with just collected several new and used children's books to donate to CMC so that the kids have books to read while in the waiting rooms. Not sure that this affects Ally a whole bunch, but I had you all in mind while we were organizing the effort. Praying for a good day today - Jenny B.

  3. Good luck with the platelets and all that stuff, that is what I donate but I have lots of time. You keep all of your blood and its parts, you need that to keep you strong. Glad Ally had a few good days, we get this new blood in her and she will be right back at it. Praying for good results and and easy transfusion. Take care

  4. Just wanted to let you know that not only are you and your family motivating the adults around you, but you are motivating children as well. After seeing me get involved in the Ally's Army effort and being swabbed as a possible bone marrow donor, my 17 year old son has donated blood twice to get in the spirit and do what he can to help. Thank you for not only motivating my husband and I to get involved, but for motivating my children to be giving and caring as well. :)