Sunday, January 17, 2010


Grateful. I am feeling very grateful for the last few days that were so GOOD for us. The good days don't come all that often, but when they do it gives us just a little taste of what life will be like for us when Ally crosses the finish line and this is all behind us. It is truly amazing how much I can appreciate very simple things. I guess that is one of my lessons that I have learned in God's plan for me. Today Ally did nothing spectacular, but she enjoyed a normal day of church, playing with her cousins Aly and Katelyn, playing with her friends Madison and Caulin, rooting on our Cowboys (boo), and talking to her Aunt Amanda and her grandparents on our new webcam. (great invention) I know it sounds boring, but to her it was so much better than sitting in the same position all day doing a craft. I was quite happy when I saw Ally wrestling with her friends on the floor. She is always so careful (don't touch her port!) and so tentative to do play type activities. She has quite forgotten how to do most normal kids thing and I sadly witness that 90% of the time. Again, how amazing it is that these little things can make my day.

We have been having fun this weekend pretending we are on vacation in Florida! (my Dad just left for there) We can't REALLY go on a vacation, so Jerad decided we would pretend. We went to our local Mexican restaurant for dinner and Jerad tells me I have to get a Pina Colada. We are on vacation. Then the kids HAD to get dessert. And then they had to sleep in the same bed. Jerad finally drew the line. He was telling them it was time to go to bed and that they had been up too late the night before. And Evan says, but Dad we are on vacation???? Smartie pants.

I continue to be amazed by all of the kind gestures from various different people. Lately, when I run into people, they are always offering up help. I have people that text me/email me/call me repeatedly offering help. And I know they mean it because they are so darned persistent. I almost always say no, but I do put it in my back pocket because you just never know. So even if I don't take you up on your offer, know that I appreciate it...and that someday I just might.
Another example came today...right before kickoff in our Cowboys game. The doorbell rang and a very loyal blog reader and friend had made Evan a beautiful Dallas Cowboys blanket. Just beautiful and perfect for him. He smiled so big. I mean, after all, every present that ever comes to our door is for his sister. I walked into the room a few minutes later and he was just sitting under the blanket smiling. So happy. When I tucked him in tonight he wanted the blanket. So thank you Gaghi, you made a little boys day.
Ally and I are headed down to the hospital in the morning. She is getting the dreaded leg shots (PEG) and they will also access her port and give her Vincristin. I am hoping we can escape another lengthy blood transfusion. This time I am taking her by myself, no Jerad to help me hold her down. Usually we each take a side of her and then two nurses each take a leg. But she is getting braver and braver and I think she will do fine. Usually she can't walk afterwards, these shots are big time and straight into her muscles. She has already requested that I carry her which I replied NO WAY can I carry you, but I can get you a wheelchair! I think almost all of her cousins are coming down from Columbus for the day, so she will have that reward waiting for her when she gets home. Oh, and she already requested a Krispy Kreme donut too.

I have heard this a multitude of times, so not trying to be cliche, but ....Enjoy the little things, because someday they might be the big things. And that is so true for us.


  1. So happy for you for the little things. Here's to lots of little things for you, Ally, Jerad, Evan and Carly.

  2. What a fabulous, wonderful, hopeful update! I have such a smile thinking of your little family "vacationing" this weekend. So glad to hear it was such a carefree few days in your house. Will be thinking and praying for ALL of you tomorrow!

  3. SO SO HAPPY you all had a great weekend.The vacation was a great idea we will have to do that..As I know you know, we have not been on vacation in over a year BUT June 17, 2010 we are out of here..That will be 1 year since we were diagonosed..Can not wait..
    We probaly will not get to see you today, we are not there until 2.
    We will pray for Ally and those dreaded shots.
    Hope to see you soon. we miss you.

    Love, Cathy

  4. Sososososo glad you had a great couple of days. Simple things ARE huge- thanks for the reminder. I hope today goes well and quickly. Thinking of all of

  5. So happy things are getting better and that you were able to have your "staycation" as we call it at home. Very cute! Hope she does okay today. Take care,

  6. I love it . . . a vacation at home! The little things ARE the big things afterall. Enjoy every moment (I know you will . . .) Hugs to you and your beautiful family. These breaks in the craziness are well deserved and remind us that there is happiness on the other side. I know I always say it, but keep on keepin' your eye on the prize.


  7. It is always the bad times that make you appreciate the simple wonder of the good times that much more. Prayers are ongoing - blessings to you all! :-)