Thursday, January 28, 2010

Experiment Failed, Pass 1

Well our little experiment last night turned into much of a nightmare. Shortly after midnight, Ally started complaining of belly pain and proceeded to throw up or try to throw up all night. The poor little girl didn't have much in her belly, but just kept trying. At first, we didn't think it was anything more than normal for her, but after it happened repeatedly we realized she had the stomach virus that has been running rampant around here. So the melatonin didn't much work, however I HAD taken the melatonin and was then completely exhausted while trying to take care of Ally all night. So we are trying again tonight.

Her illness quickly caused me to come to complete panic state as I am leaving for Florida in the morning. I was taking her temperature all day (this is what us leukemia parents just do). I was ready to look into changing my flight, but I had several friends who were completely encouraging me to go anyway. So I waited. Ally did get better throughout the day, thankfully. I said it before, but if something is going to go wrong around here it will always fall on the day of some big event in our lives. But alas, I think she is better and I am packed and ready to go.

Today, in the midst of all of this sickness and/or worry on my part, I had so many friends who offered to step in just so that I could go. Sick or not sick they wanted me to go and were willing to step in regardless. I know everyone is always worrying about Ally, but today I felt like everyone was more worried about me. So thanks for supporting is true that I need a break to refuel my engine and come back to take on the next four hard months of intense chemotherapy...and all the crap that goes with it. I would give anything if I could just take Ally with me too. But for now, the break will be nice. Kinda like they say on the airplane...put the oxygen mask on the parent first, and then on the child. The parent must be well to care for the child.

So thanks to everyone who tried to come to our rescue and force me to go anyway. I am going! And thanks to everyone who has offered to help my husband and the rest of my family through the weekend. We are grateful.


  1. Ally's army will get through this, hope you enjoy your stay in Florida, take care and refuel.

  2. You NEED this Janel. Enjoy your break and don't worry. It sounds like Jared is amazing!