Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Illness Fears

Just wanted everyone to know that Ally is doing ok. She only made it for a half day of school yesterday. She was having belly pain and not feeling 100% (well, is she ever 100%?) so she went into school around lunchtime. She did make it to a reconciliation service at church last night that is a requirement for her making her first communion next Spring. She typically goes to a PSR class at St Lukes on Wednesday, but has yet to make it this year due to dr's appointments. I find it so hard to have her go...I can only expect so much of her. After she goes to a full day of school, which I think is a huge accomplishment, she is usually very tired. So any/all extracurricular activities are non-existent for her. Someday.

I panicked when I heard two of our elementary schools in Beavercreek had over 100 kids out on Monday....over half the cases were confirmed flu. Yet Valley (her school) only had 15 kids out. The flu is coming. And when it hits her school I will be hard pressed to let her attend. Thankfully, we have home schooling set up and I think she will do okay with that.

Speaking of illness, I am fighting something off myself. I went to bed at 8pm last night and woke up at 7am this morning. I refused to touch Ally and I made Jerad pack her lunch today. I guess it is better that she is not here, although the school nurse actually just called me with Ally having a sore throat today. I think she is battling a bit of a cold. However there were four cases of strep throat in her classroom...all at the same table even. Luckily she was in the hospital and not there for that.

How am I supposed to live each day not consumed with worry about all these illnesses? And it is only October, and I know it will get much worse. I just keep saying my prayers that God will put a hedge of protection around her and all of us. Please keep her well as she has way more than enough to deal with already. As does the rest of the Barnett family.


  1. I'm usually not that worried about sicknesses going around, but this year I am! So I know you must be worried x 1,000. Of course I am more concerned this year because I know it would not be good for Ally to get sick.
    If anyone should be granted an exception from PSR, it's Ally. Is it really expected for her to go? Maybe it's just me, but I think God has given her enough to handle for right now.

  2. Maybe you should consider home schooling for her through the first of the year if for no other reason than to be able to relax a little. With your circle of friends and family, it isn't like she will be isolated from all children. It seems that she would be a lot better off getting her schooling at home for a few months than having to chance battling strep throat, colds, and H1N1 - just for a period of time to see how it goes - maybe a discussion with her Dr. about this possibility would help.
    Just thinking about everyone's peace of mind for a while as well as Ally's well being..

  3. This flu season makes it very tough. What do her doctors think??? For you, rest is most important, it will keep you strong and healthy. Maybe this year we are just more aware of the seasonal flu because of the other, who knows. As a mom of three, you will always worry about their health during flu season but with Ally fighting her own fight, it is even more difficult. What would make it easier for the entire family??? I don't know---one day at a time, one step at a time. Hang in there and I will keep saying my prayers for the wellness of your entire family.

  4. I worry about Ally every single day! I know that her doctors want her at school, but it does make me terribly nervous...and I'm not her mom. I CANNOT even begin to imagine how scared you must be. Such a tough keep her in a bubble or to let her just be a kid...which involves exposure to so many other kids and their germs...hang in there honey!!! I don't know how you hold it all together...we are all praying for Ally and your family every day!!!