Monday, October 5, 2009

Ally is Free

Ally is free of all backpacks, tubing, and hospital tests as of 2pm today. This being said, she went to the clinic at 9am with the intention of just getting a simple blood test and then getting de-accessed. It should have taken 2 hours tops, but ended up taking more than double that amount of time. Totally frustrating, mostly for Jerad who took her and was planning on it being a quick thing and then heading into work. I kept volunteering to go down there with Carly, but he kept thinking it would just be "one more minute" but then it turned into two and a half more hours. It really makes you want to scream. Thankfully, those Synergy friends stepped up to the plate for Jerad (AGAIN).

She seemed to be doing good. She had her home instruction in the afternoon since she has been missing school. She was also happy to go to her brother's soccer game and then to get a treat at Wendy's afterwards. But the last couple of hours she has been complaining of belly pain and it sounds like she has a stuffed up nose. I sure hope that she didn't catch something during her time in the hospital!

Carly kept asking for her sister all morning and then kept questioning "ally at hospital?" And I just think it is really sad that one of my two year old's vocabulary words is hospital. And she says it a lot.

So we will see where this course of chemo takes us. One day at a time. I never know. But I am glad to have us all home again tonight.


  1. Hi Janel, I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad that Becky (Black) Slaughenhaupt asked me to join the army with her to walk. After she told me about this blog, I went back and started at the beginning so I knew exactly what your family is going through and just caught up today :-) After reading your blog, I have to say that you and Jerad are better than Super Heros!! You help parents like us dealing with the everyday obstacles, put things in perspective. I just want you to know that we will be here for you, Ally and your family if you need anything! My boys are 8 & 4 so anytime you need a few hours to yourself or for Ally, I can help out with the kids. My email address is Thoughts and prayers, Jenny Israel Black

  2. Yup, nothing ever runs on our time schedule. I know you know that better than anyone else, but you are doing great, one day at time and that will bring one more success. I am sure Synergy is glad they can help Jerad whenever possible. I know how frustrating all this is, but we are all stronger and better because of your examples. Take care. Good thoughts for good days ahead. Ally's army is marching all together.

  3. Glad to hear you are back at home. Hope that Ally will not get any of the side effects from chemo or any other type of virus. I agree about what you said about young children's vocabularies. It's very sad that our children are not as innocent as they were prior to this disease.