Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dayton Daily News

The article about our girl (and our army) did hit page 3 of the Dayton Daily News today. You can't grasp it online, but it was a nice big article with a big color picture. We have had lots of people commenting to us today that they had read it. The writer did a nice job, although spelling the name of my mother incorrectly...it was Marcy..and incorrectly assuming that the WSU basketball team raised money for the walk (which they did not). Other than those items, I do appreciate the recognition that we got for the fundraising. I still have multitudes of people doing fundraisers for us. I can think of five going on right now. Wow. I am pretty much saving those funds for another campaign which I believe will start up in the Spring.

Here is the article:

Please ignore the rude comment listed below the article too. Uncalled for and some people have no sensitivity whatsoever.

I believe we will be starting back up on fluids tomorrow as Ally will get accessed via a home health nurse. She will be admitted on Thursday morning. This is all assuming her ANC is over 750, which I will call on in the morning. I love how we have to wait until the last minute for everything.

As always, thanks for keeping all of us in your prayers. We need them!


  1. Let's continue the QBD fundraiser and gather funds over the Cmas holiday to be donated in the spring. I am still holding the original $30 (delayed due to family health concerns of our own)and would love to "grow" this amount.

    You are ALWAYS in my prayers.


  2. Stay strong - constantly praying for everyone! Your strength is awesome.