Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conclusion of Fundraising Week

Ally did make it home today from the hospital. She was allowed to go home as long as we gave her the leucovorin doses and she is also attached to a gigantic (I mean huge) bag of fluid. The leucovorin is a rescue drug and I believe it helps her blood to recover after the high doses of methotrexate were given to her. The dr described the methotrexate like goes after the rapidly dividing cells first (which is the leukemia cells, but also mouth cells and hair cells). So once it hits those cells, then they focus on getting the methotrexate out of her body as quickly as possible. Thus....all the fluids. Once it is down to .1%, then she can be de-accessed and be done. So she is home and I kinda feel like we are earning a free night here. Last time we had to stay three nights. We do have to head straight back to the clinic in the morning so they can check her levels there. Hopefully she will be done.

Again, it is so great to have us all together. It is even harder now with the visiting restrictions and we have just been so busy this whole past week that I haven't even seen Jerad at all! The week of chaos...first the walk, and last night we had a gigantic fundraiser gala at my Dad's house. Over 500 people attended the affair and $379,000 was raised for the Cassano Health Center primarily through a very lucrative auction. Much of this was done in honor of my mom, she lost her battle to cancer but wanted to make sure others were able to get the care they need, even if they couldn't afford it. It was a little sad....even more sad when we had a church service in the same tent this morning. Looking out over my mom's land, my mom's pond, my mom's ducks and listening to the great music of the Grace Crossing band made me a little melancholy today. My life is just a rollar coaster, I better hang on.
My group going to the prom, uh, I mean gala....
Adults should get to go to proms. Galas, whatever. Look at my girls! Momma
I do want to say I am so grateful to Jerad's parents who came into town on Thursday for the walk and helped us all weekend with the hospital stay and the kids, etc. They actually went and sat with Ally at the hospital yesterday evening so that we wouldn't miss the gala. Because of all the help they have provided, Carly is now very attached to them and is so cute calling them "gammaw and gampaw" Gotta love the two year old words.
Gammaw made us cupcakes shaped like pumpkins...
Better get to bed. Hourly bathroom breaks from Miss Allison (and we have to help her carry the giant backpack of fluids) and she is also due for meds at 2am. When do I get my nursing degree again?


  1. How do you look so fabulous when going through all of this?!! Glad you were able to get out to the prom, and home early with Ally. Hope it's all going well this morning.

  2. Good morning Janel. I agree with Kate, you look simply amazing. Such a beautiful group of women.

    I read all about the light the night walk and and am amazed by the turnout. What a blessing to have so many people there behind Ally and your entire family. I only wish we lived closer.

    We have had some craziness here that has not allowed for nightly comments, but please know you are in my heart always. I continue to pray for all of you daily.


  3. It was a wonderful experience to be part of the walk for Ally's Army!! I'm so glad it was so successful and the fundraiser for the Health Center was also such a success! The world is full of generous people. Most of all. thank God for Ally's successful treatments this far. You look great - even though you must be exhausted. Your strength is awesome!!