Thursday, October 29, 2009

Festive Day

Ally slept well in her new bed and didn't even arise until close to 10:30...that's just how comfy it was. She was back to being her normal self today. She was happy and eating and I even caught her humming to our music. It just amazes me how we can go from some really bad and ugly situations, and voila, back to good. I think that may have something to do with her age. I don't believe an adult would bounce back that quickly. So on these type of days, she is just a normal kid like everyone else her age. She pretty much followed me around like a puppy today....bored wanting something to do. This is again why she should be in school activating both her mind and her social skills. But I am going to wait until after our clinic visit tomorrow and a talk with the school nurse before I allow it.

Of course, I have 1000 things that I need to do because I just spent the last 12 days straight at the hospital, but oh well I guess they will get done at some point.

She really wanted to go to the WSU basketball team Halloween Hoops tonight. I was trying to keep it a secret, but she found out. She has gone to almost every WSU event since she was 6 months old. She has always been a loyal fan and even did a stint as a junior raider cheerleader. It didn't help that her best friends were going too. But once again, we opted out of something to protect her. I was scared of the germs and the cleanliness of the Nutter Center. Hopefully, her ANC will be high enough to attend some games this year.

This is one of the hardest things about leukemia. We just can't go to normal places and do normal things and that is pretty hard on everyone. We try to take advantage when we can, but the growing list of things we have missed is tough to swallow. With the holidays coming up, it is going to be increasingly hard. And we can't travel either, so I am hoping our families come to us a little this holiday season. Something tells me they will!

We did enjoy our first evening home together (Ally got home too late to do anything last night) We carved four big pumpkins, made some pumpkin seeds (which all three kids liked!), and just hung out together. Dinner at the table is always a good thing too. Sometimes...just once in a while...we forget our problems.
What is up with that Wal Mart baby with no pants on????She did a skeleton with a bat...

Jerad and Evan have done an awesome job decorating our house this year. We pretty much had zero Halloween decorations and that made our boy Evan quite sad. Which, in turn, prompted Jerad to go on a shopping and decorating spree and this is the result.

I am so glad that they did because it really did bring Evan joy. Again...the list is long of normal things that didn't get done in the process....but how cool is it to be five years old and have your house be FUN. If I could only convey exactly how much the little guy loves Halloween and his decorations....but I can't do it justice here.
Tomorrow I am going to take Ally into school for her Fall Party, and also stop in Evan's room. Then we are headed straight back to the hospital for bloodwork/check up and I guess we will find out our next move. I am really dreading it. Really dreading the next methotrexate. Will post the plan here as soon as I know.


  1. Sounds like you had a great night.
    Just what you all needed... a quiet fun night at home being together!

  2. Janel, I am so glad that Ally is home and feeling better! I am also glad that you are home in your own bed with your family together!!!! You are so amazing through all of this. I can't wait to see what Ally, Evan and Carly are going to be for Halloween. I pray for a "normal" night for you all to escape this daily routine for a few hours with Trick or Treating. Jenny Israel Black

  3. The boys did and awesome job and so did you. You do miss some "normal" things but as a family you become creative and find other ways to cope. That is awesome, one day at a time. Kids are tough and they bounce back, the medicine is working and Ally is winning, here is hoping for a great weekend. The house looks great and I love the picture of the pumpkin carvers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I about spit my coffee out at the Wal-Mart baby line. Get that girl some pants! : )

  5. So happy to hear you all enjoyed an evening at home together!

  6. YAY!!! We have to appreciate those "almost normal" evenings, don't we? Your house looks awesome!!!! I had to laugh at your two year-old without pants. We have a hard time keeping pants on ours, too :) must be something about that age.

  7. Yay! Good to see everyone home, and the decorations are great!

  8. Alright Janel. I can't help but think that the "Walmart baby" comment was a direct result of our chat. Too funny!!! Sooo gld to see all of you having fun again. How great is it that Ally bounces back like she does? What a blessing. Here's to a very Happy Halloween for you and your Walmart clad family! {wink}