Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walk Details

Ally continues to do well. I am pretty much holding my breath and hoping that no one gets sick for our big day on Thursday. This is just a huge event for my family and I have come across a few people here lately that are sick and it sends me into a panic! Even more than that, my son Evan decided to throw up last night at 2am. I was really panicking! But that was all he did and then he turned out to be fine all day today..just another flukey thing. We had started to discuss operation "get ally out of the house" which will be our plan whenever someone in the household gets sick, but then it turned out unnecessary. I just want us all to remain well until Thursday night and the weather also looks good!

As far as the walk, I posted a lot of details back a few days ago...so you can page back to look at everything. But basically....we will have a tent set up with a banner that says Ally's Army (we are big enough to get our own tent!!) Instead of going to the normal registration area, you can just come directly to Ally's Army tent. They told me our tent will be close to the stage. Most of my walkers are pre-registered, which is awesome. You can turn in any extra funds raised that night too. I know I have a batch of checks sitting here to turn in which is going to put us over the $32,000 mark. I can't believe it!! I am wondering if we will be the highest group!

At the tent, you can pick up your balloons and/or Light the Night t-shirts depending on how much money you raised. BUT, don't forget to wear your Ally's Army t-shirts! Actually, due to a small miscommunication with our supplier, we have an extra 60 or so shirts that I will have at the tent the night of the walk. They are mostly size adult medium, but look pretty roomy. I may have a few extra of other sizes too. We will also have some of the hats there if you want to get one.

I am not sure what time to tell you to get there, but obviously all 400 of us can't get there right at the same time. I will be there starting at 5pm and I will take any help I can get in the tent. I want to say something right away.....I wish I could talk to each and every one of you that are coming. Honestly, there are quite a few names out there of people that I do not even know. So if you see me around, just say hi and tell me who you are, etc. I really wish I could talk to every single one of you in detail, but it is going to be like our wedding (times two!) and I just know it won't be possible. How can I even begin to thank everyone? Hopefully you all know how grateful Jerad, Ally and I are for you coming. It is going to be a beautiful event and will mean so much to all of us.

The address for the event is 695 Lincoln Park Blvd. The Fraze Pavilion in Kettering Ohio.

I am just praying that the Barnett five stay well here for two more days. We are heading to the clinic tomorrow afternoon to see if Ally passes her ANC test and can continue on with chemotherapy/inpatient hospital time starting Friday. She may actually even have her backpack of fluid with her at the walk. We will see.

Thanks again and safe travels to everyone for Thursday.


  1. We plan on arriving by 4 or so, so I would be glad to head over to the tent early to help you out. Can't wait! See you soon!

  2. Praying for the health of you all and for your peace of mind Janel. Don't worry about taking care of all of us. We are all grateful to have the opportunity to show our support in this small way. We are looking forward to being there with you. Love to you all!

  3. I look forward to seeing you again Janel, surrounded by your army. You have done an amazing job as team captain. I hope your family enjoys the night and pray that all stay healthy.

  4. We can't wait for tomorrow! It's going to be an incredible event! See you tonight!!!!!

  5. We are so excited about being part of such an unbelievable walk for Ally's Army. We are praying for everyone to stay healthy for the big event. God is GOOD! We don't expect you to try to visit - just remember your strength is awesome!

  6. Yipee the big day is finally here! My kids are bummed it's picture day at Valley tomorrow, cause they want to wear their Ally shirts to school! If they have on dirty shirts at school Friday just smile :-) Good times, can't wait! peace~ kim f