Thursday, September 3, 2009


Just finished another exhausting day at the hospital with Ally. I am not sure why it is so tiring, but it completely wipes me out. We did keep very busy today. Very little TV. We did a lot of her homework that had been sent home, and then she had an almost two hour home (or hospital) instruction session with Mrs. Brower. This was her very first "real" tutoring session and Judy said she did great. I was a little leary because she had just taken some medicine right before they started and it always makes her gag and cry. I couldn't believe she lasted that long. Everything was easier in the summer, but now we have school and we have to keep up!
Ally's hospital "school"
We also spent time listening to the new Jonas Brothers CD, making a potholder, and doing another craft project that the Pezzot family brought her when they visited. We also had a visit from our friend Jon Kruesch...his little boy was staying about 10 doors down from us. Poor guy was sick! I do love when a visitor pops in and breaks it up for us. I don't leave Ally at all, not even to go to the cafeteria. So a new face always makes me happy.

Speaking of the hospital, it was a virtual madhouse there today. So many sick kids....overflowing parking..our friend Lara that works there told us that they are already seeing the flu! And people haven't even had their flu shots yet. I guess this never happens this early, so it sends me into more of a panic.

Ally's doctor stopped in around dinnertime and said that she can go home soon if her body starts producing some white blood cells again (and thus her ANC would rise) but also if she starts eating and drinking. She is eating NOTHING and I mean NOTHING. No milkshakes, cookies, candy, nothing. She may have had five bites of something all day. They have discussed giving her an appetite stimulant and it is looking more and more like we are heading that way. I like to stay away from as many meds as possible, but she also needs some nutrition. I am hoping that she gets to go home tomorrow, but we will see. I don't want to be let down. I am tired of being a single parent (either to Ally or to E and C). Jerad and I haven't seen in each other in days except to pass in the hospital for a few moments. He is again taking the night shift. I would just like our family to be together again.

Thanks to everyone for your calls, concern, cards, visits (thank you Pastor Gil and Keli from yesterday) and prayers. We hope to have our girl back on track again here soon. But then probably back in the hospital next Friday the 11th for another inpatient stay.


  1. I'm always so happy to see Ally's smile on her face in the photos you post. After all you've been through, the ups and downs and the uncertainty from day to day, I can't imagine what seeing her smile means to YOU!

    We're still praying!
    The Baldwins

  2. I follow you and read your updates every day. I found you thru Erin. I think of you all often throughout the day and pray for Ally - and you and your husband too! What a horrible journey no one should have to endure. I will continue to pray for strength, peace and endurance thru this all!

  3. At least Ally did look happy, but with the new JoBros Cd, who wouldn't be! :) Owen is convinced that they will be the Grobros! Sending lots of prayers your way for your continued strength and for Ally's body that it may kick into gear with some white blood cells and hunger pangs.

  4. Dearest Janel,

    I have not been commenting because of craziness of my own, but still read the Ally updates regularly and keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily.

    What a roller-coaster ride this has been for all of you. What continues to amaze me, though, is your strength. You are a smart, strong and beautiful woman and child of God. The Army is here for you, though some of us may be all the way in AZ, so keep on keeping on and know we are with you.


  5. I am so sorry to hear that Ally has been in the hospital. If I would have known (I've been a bit behind in reading lately due to our new changes), we would have come by to visit on Wednesday after Maggie's PT session.

    Though more medicines isn't something you want, I know for some it has really boosted their appetite and they make big gains. We haven't experienced it (except this past week) and Maggie has been on one for many months. It's hard to see your once plump and healthy child look so skinny. I completely can relate to your situation and I am sorry that Ally has to go through this, along with every other child. It's frustrating, but completely understanding as they feel like crap and chemo changes their tastebuds.

    We'll continue to pray for you all-- that you can get out of the hospital as soon as possible.

  6. Sounds like an appetite stimulant would be a really good idea. Ally's smile could definitely light up any day. I only see it in a picture and it lights me up. I loved the sleep over. The school work will give her something to do in between all her crafts. I pray everyday for all of you. Your strength is awesome. If you have any Light the Night car magnets, I would like one.

  7. Ally looks so happy and comfortable in that picture - what a great sign! Hoping you guys get home soon - being together under one roof is truly a gift we took for granted before! We're doing the white blood cell dance here in New Jersey for you! :) Dana

  8. Continuing to send you and your family well wishes and keeping you strongly in my prayers.

    The Sarah Bear