Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Better

Last night things weren't looking so good. Ally was pretty miserable. We were up with her several times during the night with bellyaches and/or running to the bathroom a few times. Starting to forget what a full night's sleep is like again...that is mostly Jerad...he is very good about getting up with her and then going right back to sleep. Every since this happened (and my Mom) I have turned into the most horrible sleeper, but that is a different topic altogether. Just another "mommy" side effect that I have to deal with and that leads me to drinking too much coffee!

Anyway, the day turned out fairly well. She did stay home from school. I wasn't comfortable with sending her since she hadn't even been home from the hospital for 24 hours and had this new chemo running through her. I think we will try for school tomorrow and then the doc says this chemo will actually hit her later in the Friday/Saturday. The good news is that she is eating more. No where near the 3000 calories that they want her to get, but I think the stimulant is helping some. She also had to go to the office with me today so that I could get my flu shot. Well she just loved watching everyone else get a shot (me, her Dad, her Pa, Mrs. Booher, Aunt Melissa, Bamm Bamm...she saw a lot of them) Everyone except for her! She said "usually 15 people are watching me get a shot, but today I get to watch 15 people get a shot instead" Nice. She is not allowed to get the flu shot this year. Poor Evan has to get his Kindergarten shots tomorrow and a flu shot. I am dreading that one a lot. Thinking of using the Emla cream on him. He has to get some perks, right?

Another friend of mine, Jenny Robbins (and her lovely Mom who is a faithful follower of the blog...thank you Judy) are having another fundraiser for Ally. This one is an online Pampered Chef order where 25% of the proceeds go towards Ally. Here is how you do it:
click on “Order Products” (lower left corner box)
Enter (First name) Judy 4 Ally (Last name) WIck
And shop! 25% of your order will benefit Ally!
Questions? Call our Consultant, Pat Lavy 937-773-9472

Also, I wanted to share some details for the Light the Night Walk on October 1. It is rapidly approaching. A few people mentioned dogs, so remember NO DOGS. This information is coming from my contact at the society Lisa Beam. That poor woman gets numerous emails from me everyday as I try to coordinate our (SUPER LARGE AWESOME) team. Anyway, here is some info:

Parking is available in the City of Kettering Government Center lot at the corner of Shroyer Road and Lincoln Park Blvd, at Christ United Methodist Church on the other corner of Shroyer Road and Lincoln Park Blvd, or across Shroyer Road at Fairmont High School. If you park in one of these lots and walk toward the Fraze Pavilion, you will see the registration area.

Registration- 5:00pm registration opens
Registration is located on the west end of the Fraze Commons area (Shroyer Road end) Please stop by and turn in your team captain envelopes so we can give you your balloon tickets and t-shirt incentive tickets. (I am going to try to preregister our team and get some people to help me pass out tickets/balloons, etc)
Red balloons are for supporter, white are for survivor, and each team can get one gold balloon in remembrance of someone who has lost their battle. Fundraisers who raise $25.00 or more will get a balloon. It is recommended that after you check in you get your balloon and tie it on your wrist to avoid lines at the balloon tent just prior to the start of the walk.

T-shirts will be available for redemption for participants who have raised $100 or more. Those who qualify for other incentives will be notified following the walk how to redeem their prizes. For a list of incentive levels you can log onto (we have quite a few people who have earned incentives..)

Festivities 5:00-7:00pm
Food- free food and drinks available courtesy of local food vendors and sponsors
Kids Korner- games, crafts, clown and other surprises for the kids!
Entertainment- Nancy Wilson and Steve Kerrigan form K-99.1 FM will be playing music
Photographer- available to take “Team Photos”

7:00pm- Walk “Program” begins
7:30pm- Walk begins (2 mile route)
8:30pm- Walk concludes

Bone Marrow Screening
Representatives from the Community Blood Center and Be the Match will be at the walk. CBC would like to take pictures of patients who have benefited from their services as well as document their stories. BTM will be doing DNA swabbing for those interested in getting on the Bone Marrow Registry to be a potential donor. Make sure you stop by and visit with them.

No pets are allowed at this walk venue
We walk rain or shine!


  1. So glad today is better! Hope school goes well tomorrow along with the shots for poor Evan :(

    Can't wait for the walk!

  2. Looking forward to the walk and the large amount of supporters that will be there. What a wonderful event, and so happy to be there to show Ally how much we all love her...

  3. I will be available to help you pass out tickets/balloons, etc. And/or whatever other help you need. See you at 5 (or let me know if you need me there before 5). Jenny

  4. Glad to help with anything Janel! our pc crashed & I've lost all my email contacts so I'm posting in lieu of my emailing. Use us, Just ASK!! -kim f

  5. Janel - good luck with the walk this weekend - we will be out of town, but my feet wouldn't let me walk it anyway.
    Ally either has received or will shortly receive a box from Poland - I know she is collecting all kinds of hats and I doubt she has an original traditional Polish hat - but if it hasn't arrived yet - it will shortly...Tell her to have some fun with it!!! I contacted a work team member who resides in Warsaw and she found the hat and took care of ordering it and getting it sent to Ally - See??? Ally's Army even extends to Eastern Europe!

  6. Looking forward to the walk. Sorry the last few days have been so low - it sounds like they might be looking up a little bit. I'll bet Ally really did enjoy watching everyone else get a shot for a change. Can't wait to see everyone next week!

  7. I think Evan should definitely get some cream...good news that the day ended up better. I hope you got some sleep last night. One note about the walk, the bone marrow donation registry is important, and I hope your readers realize that to get on the registry, all you need to do is let them swab your cheek. It is definitely easier than giving blood! Thoughts today for more eating, and sleep for you!

  8. Janel, I'd like to volunteer to help with balloons and tickets - just tell me what time to show up - I am taking the day (or at least half of it) off to get ready so I'd love to help.

    Debbie Yount (Lisa's friend, not Jaclyn's mom - LOL!)