Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's a go.....

Well the little girl passed her ANC test. I found out this morning that she was 1100 and she was supposed to be higher than 750. I pretty much knew she would pass...because once the bone marrow starts to recover, and there is no chemo, there is not much that can stop it. Everything moved into high gear at that point. She hopped off the bus and had her Emla cream on 10 minutes later. The home health nurse came to access her at 4pm. What a crappy experience that was. The nurse got everything ready and put the needle into her port. They always pull back on the syringe and pull some blood out to make sure they are "in there" Well when she pulled back there was nothing, no blood, except she kept saying she was in there. She kept digging that needle around trying to get a blood pull...she must have done it five times. Ally was hysterical at this point and I wasn't so hot myself. I could feel my blood pressure rising by the second. I can't stand to put her through that pain. She was actually begging for us to take her to the hospital. The nurse finally gave up and pulled the needle out. So then we had to go through everything all again with a new sterilized needle. She got it with one poke this time, but I felt sick for about two hours after it happened. Nothing can ever be easy for me. Jerad couldn't make it home for this and I had to learn how to infuse her with IV fluids all by myself. This made me very nervous, but I am definitely sharpening my nursing skills. I had my friend Suzanne come over to listen too just in case I had a problem when I had to do it at 9pm tonight. I did manage to get it hooked up fine. The fluid and a computerized pump type thing are in a backpack next to her bed right now. This is what it looks like...

The nurse said some kids go to school with these backpacks of fluid! The are pretty handy. I love technology and I love that it saved us one more night in the hospital. However we are going to be up with her all night going to the bathroom....there is a huge amount of fluid in there.

Tomorrow morning she is admitted at 8am. She will have her bone marrow aspiration and spinal tap sometime in the morning. The sooner the better, especially since she cannot eat or drink before it. Then they will hook her up to 24 hours of a methotrexate drip. We have never had a chemo that takes more than an hour or so. After this highly toxic chemo, they give her a rescue drug and more fluids to pull her out of it. This is about all I know for now, but I am sure I will learn more and post more as we go through it.

Please please keep praying for that undetectable MRD. I saw the first star come out tonight...I was outside right at dusk. I wished upon the star right when I saw it. Well I have wished the same wish 100 times today actually. I just want my sweet Allison to be cured.


  1. I am grateful I had the opportunity to read your blog tonight....I am praying so desperately for Ally and your family...a cure...that is what we want..Life has been so hectic, but know that the support you have is endless and the strength you are getting is from God...also remind yourself of Deut. 31:8...great verse for all of us to reflect upon. We are all waiting for a miracle for Ally~

  2. Well I guess here we go. I know it had to come, but she's been so great lately that I don't want to see her feeling yucky again. It has to be though. I feel confident though that the MRD will be good and we are praying that it is. I hope to be able to come to the hospital and visit her sometime this weekend. I'm sure I should be able to, I'll just gotta figure out when! Keep me updated tomorrow on how her procedures go...

  3. Keeping you all in our prayers!

  4. Glad to hear her ANC is finally high enough. I know the "off" period was great, but even though Ally will hate it, jumping back into chemo and other meds will be important to her winning the battle against the disease.

    Every morning when I come into work, I see that one star as well and Ally is always the first thing off my tongue. The amount of people that probably think about her at least once each day has to be in the hundreds. Prayers are uplifting and right now, I know Ally's getting so many sent her way!

    With treatments starting up, I'm sure it will get harder, make Ally feel crappy, and add more stress on you and Jerad. But, it's nothing new to you guys. You've managed through everything and when something new comes up, you guys still find a way to deal with, finish it, and get ready for the next thing. Stay positive and keep fighting the fight. And always remember you people ready to fight for you and with you!

  5. Powerful, positive thoughts continue to come your way! I'm sorry you had to see your girl hurt, yet again. One less time. Right now you are at the hospital, and I'll think about you guys all day today and tomorrow as the powerful stuff is infused. This is all a means to a final cure. I have faith in that.

  6. Thinking of you all and sending BIG hugs!

  7. I don't know if it's just because I had blood drawn this morning or what, but this post really, really broke my heart. Poor ol' Ally! And poor you. I can't imagine having to sit there and watch that. Hang in there, and good luck with this next treatment. Sending lots of prayers.

  8. Dear Janel,
    Sorry for the lack of communication lately.
    Sweet Ally will be cured. We are all praying daily. You and Jerad are doing amazing with everything. You all can and will get through this.

  9. Ally and the entire family remain in our prayers.... I can't wait for the day this is behind each of you so Ally can show more of the world just how special she is.

  10. We all want sweet Allison to be cured and the sweet Barnetts to be back to "normal" again. Wishing on stars here in AZ . . .