Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The nerves are rising

I have to say my nerves are really starting to rise as I anticipate these intense treatments starting and the testing of the MRD. It's kind of reminding me of when Carly was born...it was our last night with just two kids. We kept saying we better enjoy it, etc. Our life was going to change the next day when our third child was born. But I am ready to start it too. Ready to get on with this and the sooner we start back up the sooner this whole ordeal will be over. However when I was talking to my friend Jenny today I realized that we have two years of treatments left. Two years. Man that is just an instant depresser.

I sat and watched Ally playing outside with her friends tonight. She was running (RUNNING!) and playing ball. It has been a long time since I have seen that. She also hopped off the school bus today and told me that she did PE today. First time. And they ran and they jumped and I think she was very excited that she was able to participate. I hope it didn't make her nice gym teacher nervous!

Speaking of school, they had a hat day today at Valley. For a donation of 50 cents the kids were able to wear a hat during school. (normally they are not allowed) I saw that there were quite a few Ally's Army hats. And Ally's principal, Mrs. Walk, told me that they raised $300 for the Leukemia Society. Wow....thanks to everybody for coming together for that. They are going to try to do this every quarter. I also heard that the staff are donating half of their "Friday Casual Jeans Money" to the L&L Society.

We went today and got Ally's finger pricked and did the blood draw. I feel almost certain she will hit the 750 ANC number. She didn't even cry this time, just a little whimper. And she has made fast friends at the Beavercreek Testing Center...she is quite attached to the technician named Mona. Today we gave her an Ally's Army bracelet. She might as well be in the Army. I believe the home health nurses will be coming tomorrow to access Ally's port and start her on fluids. The hydration is important before they start the high dose Methotrexate.

Last but not least, tomorrow (Wednesday) is the LAST DAY for t-shirt orders. Place your order now if you want them. We have to cut it off to give the company time to screen them all and get them to you for the walk. I think we have 160 ordered already, so at least half of the walkers will have one. You can order via e-mail through nicki@winger.com.


  1. You all have been in my thoughts so much as the big day arrives. We are praying for you, at all times, but even the boys will come home and say they prayed for Ally at lunch (Catholic School). On a strange fluke, we saw two other chemo kids in one day last Friday, one at storytime who Bryce was sure was Ally, and one at Krogers later on. Both times just brought home the reality of your life. The boys were calm about it, but you know kids are not subtle, so I'm sure the families heard them asking if that child had cancer like Ally, and I did notice how everyone at Krogers stared. Sam decided to tell the little girl about his friend and to see if they had the same kind of cancer, they didn't. After that we've had so many prayers for Ally, I think especially for the two older boys it made it more real somehow to see someone in person who was going through what Ally is going through.
    Enjoy this moment and know that our prayers are with you. That number just has to be zero.

  2. How great to see Ally running and playing - just wish you could enjoy it. I understand you anxiety but try to enjoy the good times. I ordered two t-shirts for the walk today; we're still planning on coming. We are continuing our prayers for that zero and for the whole family. Love to all - Your strength is awesome!

  3. Ok - I can't help it - this verse is on my mind for you: "Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart and lean not on your own understanding...in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight". Provs. 3:5&6

    From: The "Church Lady" - HA HA!

  4. Hang in there. Enjoy those good days. I continue to pray for Ally. She is in good hands at Dayton children's.