Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big News

Today I have a small update about Ally's ANC status and a big update about the all-important T-Shirts for the walk. Let me start with the small update.

Ally had her bloodwork yesterday to see if her ANC count was high enough to start the next round of chemotherapy. She has been feeling really good lately, so I was expecting it to be high...maybe not quite there yet...but high. Nurse Robbie called me from the clinic this morning and told me that her ANC came in at 70. Holy cow, to me 70 might as well still be zero. It needs to be 750 by tomorrow for her to start up again. So it is looking very doubtful that we will start the next round Friday and we won't be spending our weekend in the hospital. She is going in the morning to get another blood test just to see. Part of the ANC calculation is dependent on the number of segs/bands in her blood. Which she didn't have very many of those, but she did have a lot of "baby" segs/bands called monocytes. So her bone marrow is starting to recover and her body is starting to make these baby cells which will eventually turn into adult cells and cause her ANC to rise. I just don't know if it can all happen in 36 hours. We shall see. The delay makes her feel really really good...after all, there is none of that poisonous chemo going into her body. But it also makes me worry about those little cancer cells starting to reproduce. And with them testing her bone marrow at the inception of this next phase, I would like to keep the chemo going. But it is not my decision and I will accept this fate.

She is just so happy these days. So so happy. Jerad and I were discussing that she may have never been this happy even before she had leukemia! Maybe in her own little way she is appreciating the good times more, just like her parents do. I don't know. It is probably all a figment of my imagination. But the delay weeks are so so good for her spirits (and her parents) She went to her little brothers first EVER soccer game tonight, and even helped do a little goal coaching. Of course, we were very proud of our little boy...and our team is just great. I don't know how, but these little Kindergarteners all seem to know what they are doing already and everything seems very organized. It is probably due to the fourth year clutch coaching team of Jerad Barnett and Kevin Finn. They are super fun coaches and you can probably sense the extreme organization from this picture (keep in mind they are 5!):

Ally playing UNO with all the older sibs on the sideline.

Now, on to the VERY IMPORTANT STUFF. We have developed a very basic t-shirt that says Ally's Army. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for as many people as possible to wear this on the night of the walk. I just think it would bring across a very strong team image if we all wore them to march behind our girl. I made them orange (the color of leukemia and also our bracelets). I want us all to march as one big army, so I am hoping most people will wear these. Here is a prototype of what they will look like.

Here is the deal. We don't have much time. The walk is three weeks away. My good friend Nicki Winger has offered to manage the logistics behind this. She is going to take your orders and make sure that you get your shirts. If local, we can get them to you or you could pick them up at her house (right by mine) or at our office at 3500 Pentagon Blvd, Beavercreek. If you live a distance away, we can send them to you in the mail. Or if you live near Junction City, we could send them home with Jerad's parents. We don't really have time to worry about exact sizing, etc... but I will tell you that they appear to run pretty true to size.

When you order, please be sure to tell her how many and what size you would like. We will offer:

Youth Medium ($6)

Youth Large ($6)

Adult Medium ($6)

Adult Large ($6)

Adult X-Large ($6)

Adult 2x and Adult 3x ($7)

Because time is of the essence and we need to give the maker time to produce them all...all orders must be placed by midnight on Sept 16th. We should have the shirts about one week later to give to you.

And here is her email address:

Let her know how many you would like and how best to get them to you. Also, if the price is too steep and you don't have the cash to cover it, we do have some donated funds to cover it! Just say the word. I want as many shirts out there as possible! Please pass this info on to any "non-blog readers" that you know who may like a shirt too. One week to turn this around. We can do it!

Thanks for helping to make this walk a very special night for Ally and her whole family.


  1. 5 years old? Look at that footwork - your right those coaches are good. Speaking of coaches - I can't seem to see which coach that is? Will you be following the Dolphins this season?

    Thank you,
    Dolphins Super Fan - Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew Captain)

  2. Just wanted to put it out there that we have more youth-sized bracelets ($3.00)as well as more Ally's Army hats ($15.00) available too. Can't wait for the walk!!

    Contact: Suzanne Booher

  3. I got my order in with Nicki. I will ship Kac's to Afghanistan. Ally had a twinkle in her eyes at soccer. Dolphins rocked the field. Coaches were so amazing and patient with all the rookies. Have a great day Barnett's!

  4. Nurse Robbie rocks! Love her! :)

    Ordered our T-shirts.

    Glad Ally is feeling a little better. I saw Jerad at our event yesterday.

    Hang in there!