Friday, July 2, 2010


We are continuing to enjoy our summer. Every. Single. Day. We are living life to the fullest, getting little sleep, and making up for lost time. We have a whole summer's worth of "stuff" to make up for. This week has been pool time, catching up with some old friends, working in our garden, baseball (watching and playing), and spending a little time at the lake. Maybe a parade, some fireworks, or more pool time is in our future. Just normal regular stuff! We are also happy to be going to Kings Island next week as a guest of A Kid Again...which is sort of like a local special wish organization.

Ally is doing alright with her daily chemo. So far, so good. They do want to test her counts on Tuesday. Which may bring some anxiety (for me, not her). I am hoping she stays in the adequate range and we can keep on keeping on like we have.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about my Dad and the LLS campaign. It was a lot of work, but it paid off in a huge way. It paid off because maybe it will help someone down the road to deal with this disease a little easier.

I have a FAVOR to ask of my army. Another big favor...but this one is free and easy. It might take a couple minutes of your time. Actually, one of Ally's Dr's (Dr Dole) called me at home last night and asked me to reach out to all of you. He knows we are BIG. And when one of Ally's doctors ask for something, I will pretty much do anything to help them. After all, they have saved my daughter. So now I am asking you....

His son is working on a grant project to bring money to the needy patient Hemotology/Oncology fund. This helps families as they are unable to work, pay gas bills, utility bills, phone bills, food, etc. Many of the Hemoc parents are unable to work at all...they just forget about the job and take care of their kids. The Needy Patient Fund is asking supporters to vote for their project EVERY DAY from now through the end of July.


Once you have voted, WE NEED YOUR FRIENDS' VOTES AND THEIR FRIENDS’ VOTES!!! YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY, EVERY DAY UNTIL JULY 31. This is a team effort, and the more people we get to vote for us, the closer we are to winning $25,000 to help our families in need. You can only vote online – ONCE A DAY, EVERYDAY!!!! VOTE TODAY. EVERYDAY, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Post to your Facebook, retweet on Twitter, email your friends and colleagues: every little bit counts! Thank you for your support.

He is in 69th place right now, the top ten get the money.....Please, can you help????


  1. The Kanzius Cancer Research project from Erie won this Pepsi award a couple of months ago. Came in first place, winning $100,000. This project is already up to #62 and with your army, it too could come in first.

  2. Right on it, hope we can do it! Keep up the good work Ally and enjoy every day.

  3. Just voted, we are up to 53rd, let's get this project over the top!!!

  4. Going to vote every day! :)

  5. just voted! Ally's Army can make this happen!!

  6. Just voted too! I've been reading this blog almost since its beginning: I came to it through Erin Cobb's photography blog. I'm reading in Dublin, Ireland. I'm continually amazed by your, Ally's and your family's courage, relisiance and inability to let anything get you down. I was driving home from work this evening when I thought to myself 'I must check and see how Ally is doing'. I'm so glad to see she's in maintenance now and that everything seems to be going well.
    Also, you paint a very interesting picture of healthcare in the US as well - Ally seems to get amazing treatment by talented and well trained doctors which is wonderful to see. In Ireland we only have one children's hospital to service the entire country. A friend's brother died from bone cancer at 15 so it makes me so happy to see Ally doing well. Thanks for continuing to chronicle your family's story. Grá mór as Éire díobhse agus bheadh an t-ádh leat agus le do thealagh.

  7. Thanks for helping us with this! We are in 52nd place now! Keep voting!