Monday, June 28, 2010

NATIONAL Man of the Year

My Dad called me with the news late this afternoon. He did it. He is the NATIONAL Man of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He raised more money than any other person in the United States....EVER. The most someone had ever raised in years past was $286,000. He won the 2010 honor by raising $430,000. So, he is indeed, the NATIONAL champion and will be featured in USA Today, possibly a picture of him with Ally. I will get the date to you when we find out.

It is quite amazing to me that the most money was raised in a small town like Dayton Ohio. Not New York. Not DC. Not LA. Not Chicago. He beat them all. It will bring four research grants to further the cause and hopefully make more progress towards finding a cure. Maybe the cure will be found. We can't stop trying until the kids stop suffering. There has to be a better option.

It is even more unbelievable that this all happened because one eight year old little girl was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. And one family refused to back down. Someday she will understand the magnitude of it all. It was done for her. And also for Ashley, Davey, John, and Lincoln their honor. And for those survivors of the disease who are still fighting: Ally, Amanda, Allison, Katie, Tori, Aubrey, Livi, Maggie, Bonnie, Owen, and Nan. We cannot forget our other cancer family of Jackie, Julia, and Skye....and the many others that are fighting this disease who we don't even know.

We also found out some exciting news that the LLS is announcing some winners at the July 19th Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game.

The team that raised the most money in Ohio for the Light the Night Walk : Ally's Army
And the Man who won the National Man of the Year Campaign: Bob Mills

Together raising half a million dollars for LLS and a cure.

Both of which also involve our girl and she will be one of two "heros" throwing out the first pitch in the game. Which in my mind is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Wow...on the field for a MLB game.

Proud cannot describe it. Words cannot say it. The emotion is overwhelming. Thank you is not enough, but it is all I can do.

Thank you to everyone for rallying behind our cause.


  1. KUDOS! and CONGRATULATIONS! to you BOB MILLS...It is a pleasure to be the first to congratulate you on this message board for the honor bestowed on you for the wonderful work you have done to promote the LLS. Another title you truly deserve...
    "Grandpa of the Year" ...May God Bless you and all your family, especially your dear Ally. She is always in my prayers.
    a Grandma from Amherst, Ohio

  2. Again, Congratulations! Your family has truly found greatness in the face of adversity. I hope you all enjoy every minute of this, the Reds game, and whatever else follows. Truly incredible!!

  3. Hi Janel.... I've followed Ally's progress through your blog and with updates from Kate. Glad Ally is doing so well. I am writing to extend a big Congratulations to your father!! What a grandpa!!! How lucky Ally has been to have all of your support and how wonderful it will be for lots of children benefiting from the money raised by your dad. Awesome!
    Joan Rucker

  4. I knew he would win! Congrats - that's awesome!

  5. Bob~
    What a fantastic thing you have done! You are changing so many lives!! You have made such a tremendous commitment to Ally and to anyone who will follow in her path. It is such an honor to have met you. We are so proud of Ally and her Army and of all of the amazing things that have been done in honor of a little girl we all love -and those we have grown to love because of her. You worked hard for this honor and you are so truly, TRULY deserving. You are an extraordinary man doing extraordinary things!!! You have not just accepted cancer into your life, you have fought it with everything you have and you have brought awareness to so many. Congratulations to you and your whole family.

    Bill and Billi Klingler and boys

  6. That is so great!!!!! Ally is such a special girl and you all are an amazing and wonderful family.
    much love,
    Nicole Powders (one of her nurses)

  7. Wow Janel - So amazing!!!! Congrats, and on behalf of Tori, and so many other kids battling, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xo Dana

  8. Wow..Wow..Wow!!! We all knew he would win, but now that it is official, all I can say is Wow! Your family has turned such a terribly hard situation into an opportunity to make real change and find a cure for ALL and cancer! You and your family are an amazing inspiration to all of strong, so determined, such real champions. I think Ally's cancer packed its bags and decided to run far, far away from her for never really stood a chance with Ally's Army, The National Man of the Year, and her loving family fighting and rallying together in her corner...way to go Barnett/Mills family!!!

  9. Holy---can't write much through the tears, that is sooooooo awesome. Congrats to your dad, he is the best and always willing to help others, I know he helped our family. What an honor for your entire family, and the Army just gets stronger. I know your mom is also so very proud, keep up the good work, we will continue to fight one day at a time and we will beat this. Lots of hugs and prayers still coming your way. Janel, please give your dad a great big hug from me. Thanks.

  10. CONGRATULATIONS to the entire family, proud to be part of it :)
    Hugs and Love to all of you.

  11. Wow. Incredible. Every time I read your blog - I tear up... cuz it's just so incredible...

  12. Congrats!!! That is so incredible, and such a great thing to come back from vacation to hear about!!! Great work!!! I know that more and more great news and great work will continue. I can feel it - 2010 is turning out to be a great year so far! :)