Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Fingers crossed. Holding my breath. Don't even really want to say it for fear of jinxing it....but I think she has turned the corner. I thought this a little bit on Monday too, so that is why I am a little bit tentative to say it, but I am hoping it is true. Monday was decent. Tuesday was bad. Wednesday, right after I wrote the blog actually, she started doubling over in pain. Crying. I could wait no longer and took her right down to the hospital. This time...I was the one crying too...all the way down to the hospital, to the blood lab, in front of the xray tech, and then for the nurse in the Hemoc clinic. (none of which has ever seen me breaking down) They took six more vials of blood (from her ARM too!)...the xray determined that she had nothing in her stomach...(not rocket science since she hasn't eaten anything in forever)

We waited. I told Dr B how I had been researching. How I couldn't just sit idle and let this get the best of her. He chuckles. He always chuckles at me. I said...well I am not trying to be a doctor here, I trust you all the way.....but what about Hepatitis?? He chuckles more and says Janel....that is what we are already looking for. I just wish he would have told me and saved me all that research.

The bottom line on what he is thinking now is that she had a virus. A really really bad virus. (like a hepatitis or nasty intestinal thing, etc) One that could have entered her body from some bad water. (she is not supposed to ever have well water, even if treated, and she accidentally did) The virus resulted in the fevers (almost a week) and the two trips to the ER. What is left now are elevated liver levels, as her body processes some of this and gets it out. And it probably also resulted in some of her red blood cells breaking down...which is part of that original Hemolysis assumption. All of the viral tests that he ran came back negative so far.

Tomorrow we are going back to the hospital (the fifth time in 10 days). They are running more hepatitis tests on her. They are also going to check those liver levels....they did start to come back down on Wednesday, which is a good sign. He wants to make sure they keep on heading downward.

They talked about putting her back on the TPN: IV nutrition. Because she hasn't eaten in so long, but we decided to wait a while longer and he put her on an appetite stimulant instead.

She did start eating a tiny bit today. 2 squares of Marions Pizza for lunch (tiny tiny squares)...but it was something. She actually went back to our pool for the first time in two weeks. This was a very very good sign. She ate a few snacks, a small bit of dinner, a good portion of ice cream. It is the most her body has seen in a long while.

Thank you so much to all of you who have prayed and so many of you who have reached out to us in this time of worry. It seems like possibly the longest and scariest 10 days we have seen yet. Because for a long while we thought the cancer might be coming back. It is a horrible fear that eats parents alive. And the unknown is so much worse than anything else.

Special thank you to Reid and Susan Murphy, good friends of our family from Florida, who were up at dawn this morning and calling in to check on us. (She just wore her Mote Aquarium hat yesterday too!)

Thanks to the Dan and Marcia Schmitz....who live up towards our lakehouse and helped me out with a little research and caring thoughts for our girl. Can't wait to see you on the 22nd.

And thank you to the Special Wish organization for giving us a little news to brighten our day...the Wizards are back into taping their fourth season. We may be going to Hollywood sooner than we thought. And also thank you to Special Wish for allowing Ally and her siblings a special visit with the Blue Angels Airshow team tomorrow. We are quite excited for that.

In amongst all of this stress, we had Jerad's birthday too. And a lot of you know the story of Jerad's "epic" celebration, but a lot you don't and I am going to save that long story for another post....stay tuned. It is a memorable story. Possibly the most memorable story I have written yet. Happy Birthday Jerad!


  1. Oh, what a relief that she is starting to feel better and it looks like it was just a nasty virus with no long term effects. We'll keep praying, but it looks like she is on an upward swing and will be feeling good enough to enjoy the rest of the summer the way a 8 year-old little girl should!

  2. Good Morning Janel,
    I cry with you and then smile when I read Ally has turned another corner in the right direction. Your wonderful Dad is always willing to talk with us as we track Ally's progress and keep prayers flowing to her and your entire family. One day Ally will be on Longbboat Key and we will go to Mote and see the dedicated brick to your mom in front of Hang Tough the awesome blind turtle's super new home. You have our love and prayers so please feel them!
    Susan and Reid Murphy

  3. Allelulia!!! So glad to hear things are looking brighter! Take care my sweet!

  4. Hi Janel, I am so glad to hear you are turning the corner with your little Miss A! She is a tough cookie and I know that she will work her way past this little bump as well. I will continue my prayers for Ally but also for you and Jerad as well to give you the strength every day to face these new challanges as they come. Ally's Army is still here for all of you and will be until she is free and clear :-)

  5. YOur girl is so strong, such a fighter you are ali! I pray for your sweet girl! lots of love,

  6. Sounds like a BIG rainbow came out from the scary storm - - no one on earth deserves a rainbow over them than you - -
    Janel - you are the leader of the Army for a reason - because you are an amazingly strong human being and example!! A few tears (or breakdowns) doesn't diminish that one bit!! You love your child more than life.
    Keep the faith and know that the Army is getting bigger and stronger - - and will always be there.
    Happy BDay Jerod - -
    Take care!! ~ JG in NC

  7. OH, Janel. Thanks for the post. We keep thinking of all of you guys. Happy Birthday to Jared!!! How are Evan and Carly doing? Enjoying the summer?

  8. Oh, Thank goodness! What a relief! Now, she can move on and continue fighting this beast! Sending prayers your way.

  9. Happy Birthday, Jared. What a wonderful picture of dad with the kids, so very very glad that you have turned the corner. The worst part of all of this is the unknown, we can deal with "it" if we know what "it" is---UGH! Anyway, things are improving and the cancer is losing, so we are on the right track. Enjoy and keep up the good work. Prayers still coming.