Monday, July 19, 2010

Here it is - the big FIRST PITCH!! As you'll see from the video, Ally threw a perfect strike! Not bad after she felt so terrible last week that she could barely get the ball to me from even closer range. I was one proud papa for sure, and I even remembered to catch the ball. Ally was recognized on the field for Ally's Army being the highest fundraiser in Dayton and Cincinnati for the Light the Night walk, then Bob was recognized first for being Dayton's Man of the Year, then for the National Man of the Year. They even announced that combined between the Man of the Year competition and Ally's Army's walk that we raised $470,000!! After that came the moment we have been waiting/nervous for (not Ally, she didn't seem to have a care in the world!). It was a dual pitch with Ally and another survivor Leah throwing out the simultaneous FIRST PITCH...


Thank You to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to the Cincinnati Reds for making this a night that Janel and I - and I think our kids and the Army - will forever remember. I told Ally when I was tucking her in that I honestly don't think I've ever met someone who has thrown out a first pitch. Special thanks to the 50 Army members that made the trip down to Cincinnati, driving hours to see a memorable few minutes for our little girl. Our group of Orange stands out even at a Reds game. The rain didn't cooperate, and unfortunately most of us took off after 3 innings when a storm came through, but it was a great night nonetheless. And the Reds did make sure to win when the tarps finally came off.

Arriving at the Game
Ally's Army "Media Row" as soon as we walked onto the field

Evan & Ally at ground zero behind home plate

Mrs. Red and a very frightened Carly (who fears all mascots)

Ally's Army rules the scoreboard

Bob raising Ally's hand as they announced the $470,000 raised!

Just before we headed to the mound... The aftermath, enjoying the game, family, friends, LaRosa's pizza and nachos (yes, she is now eating even if small amounts)Mommy and Evan with a birds-eye view

Carly excited to have one of her favorite twin cousins Abby on Grandma's lapAnd since you can't just show one twin, Sofie with my brother Brad modeling the new Ally's Army shirts, size TT (teenie tiny)


  1. Again, congratulations to Ally's Army and Mr. Mills for such an enormous accomplishment. What a wonderful experience last night for Ally! I'm glad you all enjoyed it, sending continued thoughts and prayers to you all.

  2. I echo Tam's words - just absolutely amazing what you can do when you come together as one army fighting a cause. A night that I know none of you, especially Ally, will ever forget. She will be telling her children how she threw the first pitch of a national baseball game!!! Like Jerad said - I've never met anyone who has ever thrown the first pitch - and I am so proud to know the person who has... ALLY!!!!

    sheri cobler

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate something so incredible! Way to go Mills/Barnett clan, and the army of course.
    Oh, and the Barnetts were looking good in their orange, glad to see those smiling faces!

  4. So glad Ally is doing better! What a great way to celebrate an unbelievable accomplishment! Love to see your smile! Birthday pictures are priceless!

  5. Love the Family Picture at ball game. I can't wait to go watch My Brewers play Reds with tickets from Auction.

    Jerad's comments about Ally's pitch was goosebump worthy.

    I have been following the stress of your past three weeks from Wisconsin. So so so glad that Ally has turned the corner and you can breath again. We all prayed hard every night that everything would get better. I could just feel your fear in your words. (by the way...we have a whole Army of an Ally Prayer group in WI... aka Caden and Ella's family and friends. We tell them all about your brave little girl!)

    So unbelievable about Jerad's birthday. Poor Nicky! Hope her eye is all better. I bet her boys were freaked...or thought their Mom was a champ! Another story to add to your novel of Life.

    Happy 3rd Birthday to Carley! She gets cuter every day!

    Take care and I wish you a very boring and relaxing rest of summer.

    Kac Family

  6. That is just so cool Ally! You're like a celebrity!!! :)