Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ER visit update

So....a trip to the ER. She got her port accessed there by our neighbor, friend, and (clutch) nurse Lara. They always have a little trouble in the ER because they don't really deal with ports, but Lara helped her out (Thank you). Her fever spiked to 102.2 there. They started her very quickly on the IV antibiotics and waited for her bloodwork to come back. Her white count was high enough so they sent her home after she completed a urine test. Noone could explain the fever. She got home at 1:30 am. She had to take her chemo at 2 am and my sweet husband stayed up to give it to her. Today she slept in until NOON.

At that point she was running a low grade fever (100)...they would not consider it a fever though. I found out her counts were not low at all, but rather very high 3600. This sent me into a panic yet again. It is so hard...don't want them too low, but don't want them too high. Her white blood cells escalated when she was diagnosed, so that is my mind trying to play me into worrying. After several calls to the clinic about various things, Dr B said not to worry. I trust him. And Ally is acting completely fine. They said maybe she had overdone it over the weekend. But I have never heard of "overdoing it" causing a fever. I think it will just go down into the book of unexplainable.

We canceled our mini-vacation and a nurse came out this afternoon to give her another round of IV antibiotics. Dr B said this was enough, since her ANC was so high, and they de-accessed her. Which is very good, because we have tickets for Kings Island (amusement park) for Wednesday and they are only valid that day. Many of our hospital friends will be there.....it is a treat for them to get to go courtesy of an organization called A Kid Again. Funny thing is, the nurse told me they wrote "trying to go to Kings Island on Wednesday" on her ER chart. I never want to compromise anything, but I do want her to be able to go.

So we will try it. It is gonna be a scorching hot day.

I have tried to lay my worries to rest yet again. This transition has been quite hard on the parents....Thankfully, Ally doesn't worry, it is all great to her. But Mom and Dad are having a bit of a rough time with it. We still have a lot of healing to do ourselves. I try to do what my friend Lisa tells me and "turn it all over to God every night before you go to sleep" And that is what I do because I am quite helpless to do anything else.

A couple thank yous:
Thank you to Doug Sorrell (who you might recognize as our auctioneer the night of Ally's Fundraiser party at Fox Hill) for taking Ally (AND EVAN) on a horse ride after the Beavercreek 4th of July Parade. The kids were thrilled!

This is Doug. He is one of those "uber cool" people from the Wild Wild West. Can't you tell? I typically hang on every word he says because he is so interesting to me. I guess that is why he is an auctioneer! Oh and that is Billie, his horse from Montana, or was it Wyoming?.

Thank you to my friend Nicki who tirelessly held Carly for over an hour and talked her through all the fireworks. She is now no longer afraid thanks to the coaching.

And one more HUGE thank you, and I am way overdue on this one! Thank you to Deb Wine. For an entire 13 months, Deb has sent Ally one, two, three, four, cards a week. Tons of mail. Lots of people used to send mail. Now it is just Deb. Deb never forgets. She wins the award for perseverance. Thank you Deb for always encouraging us. We love you too.

Thanks to everyone for praying for my family.


  1. I agree with Lisa, in fact I have a picture from Ireland with these words in the little boys' room:before you go to bed, give it up to God, he will be up all night anyway! I always thought it comforting for kids, and me, to picture God up all night taking care of you. Hope you're enjoying the 'coasters today!

  2. Janel,
    It's been awhile since I've written, but I've read every post. And thanks for keeping them up. I see from FB that you guys made it to KI. I'm so happy for all of you. You guys deserve a break, that's for sure. And I think I might use your give it up to God mantra. thanks....keep posting the updates. We all appreciate them...

  3. Kind words..thank you Janel...any time those kids want another ride...you call me...I saw the pic of Ally & Bob on the mound at Cincy...how exciting is that !!!