Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Tooth

Ally is perkier today. She swam today. It made me feel a lot better when I saw that. Also, we got news that Ally's liver level came down to the 140's (it was 486). Thank goodness it came down. I think it had everyone a little perplexed including two doctors. It still has to go below 45 to be normal. They are testing her again next week, until then we are chemo free. Which is good for Ally because we don't have to wake her up at night.

The kids have been doing a bible school at Peace Lutheran this week. They both love it. Even with Ally feeling a little less spunky, she really wanted to go to VBS with her friends. I made her promise to wash her hands. Anyway, today when I picked Evan up he had lost his first tooth! At VBS! It had been hanging on by a thread for a couple weeks. We just finished placing it under his pillow. I can't believe he has been my sweet boy for six whole years now (birthday coming soon). Here he is: (goofy picture)

Putting it in his special pillow so it won't get lost.
G'Night Evan.


  1. That is great news. I have been thinking of Ally and saying prayers all day, hoping the numbers would be down. I'm so glad to see that. Now here's hoping you can make at least part of the JC weekend.

    Cute picture of Evan, too! Congrats on the tooth!

  2. Yeah Evan! Hope tooth fairy was good to him!

    Glad Ally's numbers are going in the right direction!

    Praying that your weekend turns out ok!

    Love the new pic of you and Ally.

    Take care!

  3. Soooo glad to hear ally's liver levels are going down. We've been praying lots for your little girl. Also happy to see a big milestone in Evan's life. Those good things help to balance out the bad. Krista was glad she got to meet Ally last week. ( she thougt ally was adorable!)God bless your family.
    Your friends from Fort Recovery

  4. Love the Booher Carpet Squares softball shirt. :)
    Evan is too cute.