Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update on Ally again. She continues to have fevers. They come and they go. Last night they reached 101.6 again, so she spent another night in the ER (11pm to 4am). She didn't get admitted, they sent her home. Her ANC had dropped a bit to 2300 which actually made me very happy. High numbers are never a good sign either. She is still sleeping a lot...but I have been told that could be a delayed onset thing from her radiation in May. She is not eating. She hasn't eaten much of anything in a week. She is down between 6 and 7 pounds. Tonight I was actually trying to bribe her eat with silly band bracelets. It worked a little....

She got more IV antibiotics today. And will get another dose tomorrow. We are really waiting to see one of her docs in the clinic tomorrow (hoping for Dr B of course). The ER docs just treat the immediate need (fever) and don't really know much about the chemo drugs and/or the cancer. It is frustrating when your child gets sick over the weekend or in the middle of the night. Her bloodwork showed she was jaundiced, but noone mentioned anything to us...I just read that on her bloodwork sheet. So need to ask about that too...

She did perk up a tiny bit today...well better than Saturday anyway. That made me happy. I am trying to take it all in stride and not let the worry get the best of me. It had a tight chokehold on me Thurs/Fri/Sat. I feel a little better today. But obviously want to get to the bottom of this and make my child feel well again. Poor girl.

Thanks for all the messages and prayers and support given today. They are uplifting to us.

One more thing...I need to find a way to scan it in, but there was a beautiful ad in the Sunday paper today announcing Dad as the national Man of the Year. There was also an article...both were in the front two sections of the paper. Check the ad out if you live here.

You can read the article here.


  1. I hope you get some answers today, I truly think the not knowing is the hardest part, your brain can think up so many possibilities.
    The article on your Dad, right down to the picture, was perfect! Now so many know what we knew all along, that he is a generous,inspired man who gets things done!
    Prays for a good day!

  2. Janelly - hold on...things will get better. This is a temporary setback more than likely. Remember...your hope and trust are in God Himself; He who watches over Ally neither slumbers nor sleeps (Psalm 121:4). She is safe in His care. I love you all...