Monday, May 10, 2010

She made it!

Ally made her counts!!!! She had to be 750 and she was 1350. Her hemoglobin was also very strong at 12.7. I know this may sound very strange but I was holding back tears of joy when I found out that she could start this cycle. Who is happy that her daughter can start a very intense chemotherapy AND radiation regimen?? I know it sounds crazy. I have just felt it hanging over our heads for a while now and want to get the show on the road! This also means that her last radiation day is May 21st...the day before the party.

Tomorrow morning she enters the Almost Home Unit at 8:30am. She will get a spinal tap with intrethecal (in her spine) chemotherapy. She will get Cytoxan chemo...this can be very damaging on her kidneys so they must follow it with four straight hours of fluids. She is due her monthly IV antiobiotic (one hour) and her monthly IVIG for immunity (two hours) We will probably be there until the sun goes down. She also starts four straight days of ARA-C chemo.

I wanted to post a little more information about the bus coming to Dayton for the May 22nd fundraiser party.
1. Please let Jessica Barnett Neal know if you are planning to ride the bus by sending her an email at
2. General pickup time will be 3:00 in Junction and 4:30 ish in Columbus.
3. Considering having an east Columbus / Canal pickup for the Lancaster/Canal/Pickerington folks and west Columbus pickup for the rest – we’ll see depending on the responses
4. Cost is $15 per person.
5. We have room for 56 people. Although I think about half is already reserved.

And also, don't forget to sign up for the actual party at:

Thanks to all who have already signed up. We have a great response!


  1. Glad you can get the show on the road! Be sure to take your iPad!!

  2. I agree....bring it on so it can be over with!!!! Praying it all goes okay and looking forward to the 21st for you both!

  3. I am so glad to hear the good news. Unfortunately we cannot make the party as we will be in Lexington, KY for a family birthday party. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    Julie and John Mescher

  4. This will give us all even more to celebrate on the 22nd!!!

  5. fantastic news. Congratulations to Ally. Her body is kickin' and the cancer has absolutely zero chance. Oh, and Happy Belated Mother's day. Jared pretty much rocks. Thanks for the photos too. We'll be thinking about you, as always, through this radiation phase.

  6. So, happy for you guys! i really wish I could go to the party, but I will be working that weekend. Thanks again so much for the sling. I haven't seen it yet, but I already know i will love it. Hope everything turns out just perfect for the party, and hopefully Ally won't be feeling too sick, so she can enjoy it too. You guys are awesome, you do so much!

  7. so glad you're on your way. Hope she tolerates it all well.
    We will not be able to make it to the party, but already have the walk on our calendars for Sept.
    Take care and just count those days!