Monday, May 17, 2010

Butterfly Mask

Well, I just yelled out to Jerad to give me the number. At 11:13pm on Monday night, we currently have 502 guests signed up for the Ally's Army Battles Cancer fundraiser. It is amazing. This whole journey has been quite amazing, but some parts are just unbelievable. I will never ever never ever forget the Light the Night Walk. I am sure I can also add this party to our unforgettable list. It is going to be fun...hey this is 2.5 times the number of people that we had at our wedding. We are lucky and blessed to have so many people that are willing to make a difference in this battle. Baby steps all add up to big huge steps. Hopefully for a cure so that no one else has to deal with this dreaded disease called cancer. 502, 502, 502, 502...I hope I can hug them all.

I do finally have a picture of Ally with her radiation mask all decorated. I have had several requests to see it, so here you go:
Is she seriously smiling in this thing? Wow she is. I guess that I have trained her well on posing for pictures. Only about nine years of her Mom constantly flashing a camera in her face.
This is Ally's actual radiation machine. That top circular thing actually comes down to the side of her head to radiate out the beams. And that is her sweet technician Crystal who actually painted the mask for Ally. NOTE: Bobo has now been exposed to radiation. (see him at her side?) We have to leave the room, but Bobo gets to stay!
Four Days down and four to go. Also going to Dayton Children's in the morning to start another four day round of chemo. Pray that she stays well for our event!


  1. Michele & ErikMay 18, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    Wow, smiling in that mask--Ally truly is amazing, isn't she? We're really looking forward to this weekend, being with wonderful people for a wonderful cause. Extra prayers this week that Ally will feel well enough to be there on Saturday!

  2. That's one uber cool mask. Ally really is a trooper. I hope your had safe travels today too. I'm always amazed with how much you guys are able to fit into your lives. Have a great time this weekend. Sorry we can't be there. Hoping for a feeling-good Ally, and sunshine for the celebration!