Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2 and 3

Ally has made it through doses two and three of her radiation. Both times we were in an out of the facility in about 20 minutes, so that is much better than the first day (it is still about a 2.5 hr drive roundtrip). She decided to make things interesting yesterday by (ALREADY) coming down with a fever. I had no idea she even had one. The home health nurse arrived about 4pm to give her the ARA-C chemo, took her temp, and it was right on the fringe of 101. Within 10 minutes we were in the car and on the way to the hospital. I was directed to go to the ER, but since I knew the clinic was still open I called and begged and they took me there. Thank you to sweet Heather our clinic nurse. I was just very uncomfortable with going to the ER since they are not familiar with radiation/chemo drugs, etc. I was really scared that the radiation was causing the fever, because she only had two days worth of chemo in her body. But I think Dr B was convinced it was the ARA-C drug, which has a listed and common side effect of a fever. They drew blood cultures on her, gave her some IV antibiotics, and made sure her ANC was high enough to be released. It was at 2300, so plenty high. So now, in addition to radiation and chemo she is also getting the IV antibiotics for three days. I am happy to do it to protect her and just keep the show on the road. I was quite scared they would delay the radiation, but they didn't! Ally is still experiencing headaches. We think it is from the radiation.

We had planned to go to the District Art Show before we knew Ally had the fever. Ally had a piece of art that was selected for the show. We were thinking we wouldn't make it there, but then nurse Heather was so fast that we ended up having time overall. Here is a picture of Ally with her piece of art that was selected: A character bear.
And yes, it broke my heart when I saw that her bear was getting its temp taken and also getting shots in the leg. This is what she knows, and it is apparent through her artwork.

Thanks to all who have signed up for the fundraiser party for Ally next Saturday. We are now at about 300 people, but I know there will be more. The event is almost here! I am praying praying praying that Ally does okay this week and has no more fevers! I would love for her to see everybody and she has a few special things she is doing.

Here is the link to sign up!


  1. Great job Janel and Ally. What a team, and I do love the bear. She is showing everyone that it is all ok and maybe it will help other children. She is so strong and I know she will be at the party. Just a few more trips for radiation and that too will be behind you. Keep up the good work. Thoughts and prayers coming your way always.

  2. Ally's artwork is just as cute as she is in this picture. She looks soooo good here! No one would ever know all she goes through everyday. It is evident you both draw strength from each other with that special bond. Love and prayers to all of you!